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About IP-Phone

IP-Phone service uses the Internet's IP technology to allow calls to be made through the Internet instead of through the conventional telephone network. It is possible to make calls for low charges using IP-Phone service. The IP-Phone service offered by Asahi Net can be used with your current telephone set.

IP-Phone Features

  • IP-Phone 050 numbers are used.
  • No telephone charge for calls between IP-Phone-C users.
  • IP-Phone users of affiliated ISP's using same VoIP platform may be called via this IP-Phone service and calls are free of charge.
  • Calls to telephone line users are possible, and charges may be cheaper than you are paying now.
  • Calls to overseas are possible, and charges may be cheaper than you paying now.
  • Calls to IP-Phone users of affiliated VoIP platforms are possible. The charge depends on the VoIP platform.
  • There are services/numbers outside the scope of the IP-Phone service (for example: 110, 119, etc.).
  • Separately, a Universal Service charge is required.

* Please visit our IP-Phone-C page for more information.
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