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Regarding the closure of this service.

The IP-Phone-F service has closed effective of March 31, 2018.

About IP-Phone-F

This IP-Phone service lets you make calls through the Internet instead of through NTT's telephone network (your phone line) and so it is possible to make low cost calls. It is even possible to use this service without a phone line, all you need is an Asahi Net ADSL or FTTH Internet connection - see the Who can use the service section below.

To use the service you will need NTT's VoIP-capable equipment, such as a VoIP-capable ADSL modem. You will connect a phone to the VoIP-capable equipment and use the phone to make your calls - you do not sit in front of your computer with a headset when using this IP-Phone service!

There is no charge for calls between users of the IP-Phone-F service and no charge for calls to IP-Phone users of affiliated ISPs using NTT ME's VoIP platform. One 050 telephone number is allocated for each IP-Phone-F contract.

The IP-Phone-F service uses NTT East and NTT West's IP networks and the VoIP backbone of NTT-ME.

Who can use the service

Users of the following Courses can apply for and use IP-Phone-F.

  Course Name
FTTH Course FTTH with FLET'S Home Course
FTTH with FLET'S Mansion Course
B FLET'S Mansion Course
B FLET'S Family Course
B FLET'S Basic Course
B FLET'S Business Course
FLET'S Hikari Next Family Course
FLET'S Hikari Next Mansion Course
FLET'S Hikari Light Family Course
FLET'S Hikari Premium Family Course
FLET'S Hikari Premium Mansion Course
ADSL Course FLET'S ADSL Course
BB Entry Course


All charges shown exclude tax.

Initial charge

There is no initial setup charge.

Monthly charge

The basic IP-Phone-F monthly charge is 0 yen (will be 200 yen from October 2012).

We will also charge for the IP-Phone-F calls you make; please see the Call charges section below.

However, in accordance with the launch of the Universal Service Fee in February 2007, a Universal Service Fee charge will be billed.

Call charges

Where calling Call charges
Asahi Net's IP-Phone-F service users No charge
IP-Phone users of affiliated ISPs using affiliated VoIP platforms *1 No charge
IP-Phone users of affiliated VoIP platforms 8 yen /3 minutes *2
Telephone line users in Japan 8 yen /3 minutes
Cell phone users in Japan 19 yen /minute *3
PHS users in Japan 20 yen /90 seconds *4
Telephone line users in overseas Differs per country *5
Eg. USA 9 yen/minute(duty free)

*1. Calls between IP-Phone-F users are free. IP-Phone users of affiliated ISPs using NTT ME's VoIP infrastructure may also be called free of charge via this IP-Phone-F service. Those ISPs include WAKWAK, BIGLOBE, Plala, etc.
>> List of affiliated VoIP platforms to which free calls can be made
*2. Calls to IP-Phone users of affiliated VoIP platforms are possible. The charge depends on the VoIP platform, for example calls to users of NTT Com's VoIP platform is 8 yen /3 minutes.
>> List of affiliated VoIP platforms
*3. Only cell phone users of KDDI(au), NTT DoCoMo, Vodafone and Tsuka can be called.
*4. Only PHS users of NTT DoCoMo, WILLCOM and Astel can be called.
*5. Depending on the country you will call with this IP- Phone-F service, call charges will differ.
>> Call charges overseas

Charges for calls made inside the scope of the IP-Phone-F service will be billed by Asahi Net. The charges will appear on your monthly statement lumped together with your other Asahi Net charges. Charges for calls made outside the scope of the IP-Phone-F service will be billed by the telephone line operator you are contracted with, e.g. NTT East, NTT West, etc.

Numbers outside the scope of this service

Calls made to services/numbers outside the scope of this IP-Phone-F service will be placed on the telephone line (PSTN) and therefore will be billed by your telephone carrier, e.g. NTT East/NTT West.

  • Calls to 110, 117, 119 etc.
  • Calls to numbers starting with 0120, 0570, 0990, etc.
  • Calls to satellite phones, etc. in Japan.
  • Calls to IP-Phone users of non-affiliated VoIP platforms.
  • Other numbers as yet defined.

For more information about numbers that cannot be dialed, please see:
>> Numbers outside the scope of this service

How to apply

(1) Before making an application for the IP-Phone-F service, you are urged to read the following conditions and agreements.

  • Numbers such as 110, 118, and 119 cannot be called with this IP-Phone service; the call must be placed through the telephone line. To call such numbers when using a Type 2 ADSL service or the B FLET'S fiber-optic service, you will need a separate telephone line.
  • The IP-Phone-F service is a "best effort" service. Recommended transmission bandwidth (throughput) for this IP-Phone-F service is 128kbps or greater, or a link-up speed of 300kbps or greater. It is possible for communication quality to be affected by service usage conditions and other factors.
  • Calls are made through the Internet, therefore it is not possible to completely guarantee the security of calls.
  • Please read the following important notes and agreements.
    >> Important Notes
    >> IP-Phone-F Usage Agreement (in Japanese)

(2) Preparation of VoIP equipment for IP-Phone-F service

If you do not have VoIP equipment, please contact NTT and apply for it. Application for the VoIP equipment is also possible through Asahi Net. If you would like to apply for the equipment through Asahi Net, Please access the following application page.
>> VoIP equipment (FLET'S) application page

(3) Apply for the IP-Phone-F service

Members can apply for the IP-Phone-F service using the link below.
Depending on the Course in use it can take from 1 to 10 days from the first connection to the connection service (ADSL or FTTH) before an IP-Phone-F application is possible.
>> IP-Phone-F application

  • Asahi Net User ID and password are required for Individual members.
  • Asahi Net Administration ID (eg. A-BCDE12-F3) and password are required for Business members.

(4) Receipt of a email confirming the application

Asahi Net will send you e-mail when we receive your application and application receipt number will be described in the e-mail.

(5) Receipt of email confirming completion of IP-Phone-F registration

After making your application for Asahi Net's IP-Phone-F service you will be sent an email informing you of the steps to configure the VoIP equipment to make IP Phone calls.

(6) Arrival of VoIP equipment

When you receive the confirmation e-mail from Asahi Net, please connect the VoIP quipment.

(7) Configure the VoIP equipment

After you make a connection to the Internet with VoIP equipment, please access the described URL in the confirmation e-mail and configure your VoIP equipment. To access the URL, Asahi Net's ID and password are required.
Please note that you must complete the configuration of your VoIP-capable equipment within 30 days of applying for our IP-Phone-F service.
Please access the following page to find more information.
>> Setup guide: IP-Phone-F

(8) How to use the service

Please access the following page for more information.
>> Setup guide: How to use IP-Phone-F

How to change/cancel the service

Changing IP-Phone service

It is not possible to have both IP-Phone-C and IP-Phone-F with one Asahi Net ID. If you would like to change to another IP-Phone service, you must cancel the IP-Phone contract that you currently have. After the cancellation process is completed, apply for new IP-Phone service.

Cancel your application/cancel the service

Please submit your cancel request here:
>> IP-Phone-F cancellation

  • Asahi Net User ID and password are required for Individual members.
  • Asahi Net Administration ID (eg. A-BCDE12-F3) and password are required for Business members.

Currently cancellation of an IP-Phone-F application is not possible, so wait for the confirmation email and then cancel the IP-Phone-F service.
As soon as you request cancellation of the IP-Phone-F service, you will no longer be able to use the service. If you would like to use the IP-Phone-F service until the end of month, please cancel the service at the end of the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the page below for frequently asked questions about the IP-Phone-F service.

>> FAQ - IP-Phone-F

Important Information
Here is important information about your contract for this service.

An explanation of the important contract terms for this service.