Asahi Net IP-Phone-C

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IP-Phone-C: List of affiliated VoIP platforms to which free calls can be made

Calls to users of IP-Phone services using the NTT-ME VoIP platform and NTT Communications VoIP platform are free of charge.

VoIP platforms and IP-Phone numbers to which free calls can be made
050-3300-xxxx to 050-3862-xxxx NTT Communications
050-5000-xxxx to 050-5003-xxxx
050-8600-xxxx to 050-8601-xxxx
050-2403-xxxx NTT Neomeito
050-5400-xxx to 050-5566-xxxx NTT ME

*As of August 30th, 2017

From August 30, 2017, calls made using Asahi Net IP-Phone-C Service to 050 IP-Phone numbers of NTT Plala, and some of the 050 IP-Phone numbers of NTT Communications are charged.
For details, please refer to the following webpages.