Asahi Net IP-Phone-C service: important notes

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IP-Phone-C service: important notes

  • The IP-Phone-C service is offered in accordance with the IP-Phone-C usage agreement.
    IP-Phone-C usage agreement (Japanese)

  • If you are already using the ADSL ACCA 8M or 12M Course and apply for the IP-Phone-C service you will have your current ADSL modem replaced with a VoIP-capable ADSL modem that is essential for the IP-Phone-C service. You will also be notified of an IP-Phone-C User ID and password sometime after your application.
  • The IP-Phone-C service is a "best effort" service. Recommended transmission bandwidth (throughput) for this IP-Phone-C service is 128kbps or greater, or a link-up speed of 300kbps or greater. It is possible for communication quality to be affected by service usage conditions and other factors. Furthermore, as voice communication is taking place through the Internet it is not possible to completely guarantee the security of calls.
  • When using the IP-Phone-C service with a VoIP-capable ADSL modem or an IP-Phone Telephony Adapter, one global IP address will be assigned to the VoIP-capable ADSL modem or Telephony Adapter.
  • Only one telephone can be connected to the VoIP-capable ADSL modem or IP-Phone Telephony Adapter.

The IP-Phone equipment

The equipment used for the IP-Phone service is called generically by its function and may be referred to differently depending on who you are speaking to. Example, VoIP capable modem/router, IP Telephony adapter, etc.

Numbers outside the scope of this service

Calls made to services/numbers outside the scope of this IP-Phone-C service will be placed on the telephone line (PSTN) and therefore will be billed by your telephone carrier, e.g. NTT East/NTT West.

  • Calls to 110, 119 etc..
  • Calls to numbers starting with 0120, 0570, etc.
  • Calls to satellite phones, etc. in Japan
  • Calls to IP-Phone users of non-affiliated VoIP platforms
  • Other numbers as yet defined

>> List of numbers outside the scope of the IP-Phone-C service

Making calls with this service

In the following cases your telephone line (and your telephone company's telephone network) will be used instead of the IP-Phone service. In such cases you will be billed by your telephone company for use of their lines.

  • When either the VoIP-capable ADSL modem or IP-Phone Telephony Adapter has been incorrectly configured or have not been correctly connected.
  • When either the VoIP-capable ADSL modem or IP-Phone Telephony Adapter has not been switched on.
  • When, after mistakenly dialed a number, you immediately redial.
  • When equipment on the communication network or Internet is down.
  • When adding "0000" before the number to be dialed to force a phone-line call.

Using ACR (LCR) functionality

We recommend that you remove the functionality, or if you can't remove it turn off the power supply. If you can't turn it off because the functionality is built into the telephone device, please at least disable the function by turning the function off. After making sure that ACR is off, please make a test IP-Phone-C call and ensure that the indicators (identity noise and lamp on the ADSL modem) are showing that an IP-Phone call is being made. You will be billed by your telephone company for using their telephone lines instead of the IP-Phone service, so please be careful.

>>Numbers outside the scope of the IP-Phone-C service

Unavailable services

When using the IP-Phone-C service, the following functions/services will be unavailable. However, if you force a phone line call by placing "0000" in front of the telephone number to be dialed, you will be able to use these (mainly NTT) services.

  • Number display notification
  • Information exchange between users
  • Sub-address notification
  • Branch-office substitution
  • Representation handling service
  • VoiceWarp
  • VoiceWarp Select
  • Magic Box
  • Nuisance call prevention service
  • Double number service
  • Nariwake service
  • Dial-in service
  • Number display
  • Number request
  • Denwaban service
  • Three-way calls

Using network games and other such services

These and other applications that do not support NAT cannot be used together with the VoIP-capable ADSL modem and Telephony Agent required for the IP-Phone-C service.

Display of the caller's phone number

How IP-Phone user dials the number Number displayed at receiver's side? *
Dial only the phone number. Displayed if receiver's equipment has the display function.
Add 186 before the phone number. Displayed.
Add 184 before the telephone number. Not displayed.

* Only possible if the receiver's equipment has number display functionality.

* Please turn off the caller ID notification function if you have a phone that has the display function, as it may automatically add the "186" when making telephone calls .