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In brief

Our FreeAddress service lets members choose a homepage address of their liking. The "Free" in FreeAddress means that the user is free to choose a name that he or she likes, but it is also the case that there is no charge for this service. FreeAddress URLs are of the following form:
Here, the words your and choice are replaced by words chosen by the user.

Each word can be composed only of English lower-case letters, numbers, periods (.) or hyphens (-).

* Can also be browsed on http sites.

The user's default homepage address, based on their User ID, can be used at the same time as the FreeAddress. As for the choice of words, we ask you not to use words that could cause misunderstanding, offence, etc.

How to apply

You can apply for a FreeAddress from the link below.
>> Apply for a FreeAddress
(Asahi Net ID and password are required)

Acquisition of a FreeAddress URL is on a first-come, first-serve basis. You cannot apply for a FreeAddress that another member is using. Please also note that only one FreeAddress is available per Individual user account. We also don't accept requests to change or cancel a FreeAddress, so please be careful when applying for a FreeAddress.

Important notes

  • It is possible to release two different homepages by using the FreeAddress service URL and the URL based on your Asahi Net User ID. However, homepage space will be calculated based on the total file space usage of both URLs.
  • CGIs that are used on the default homepage cannot be used on FreeAddress homepage. Please setup CGIs separately for the FreeAddress homepage.


How to upload files

Please access our configuration guide for details.
>> Configuration Guide : Individual Homepage Service

Account maintenance

Please access our Account Maintenance pages for various procedures related to homepages.
>> Individual Users : Homepage Services
>> Business Users : Homepage Services