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Bring your homepage to life with Asahi Net!

In brief

All Individual Members are provided with homepage space in which to create their personal homepage.

The amount of homepage space depends on the pricing Plan the member is using, and as long as the member keeps the total size of the files in their homepage space within the amount of homepage space allocated, there will be no additional charge from Asahi Net. However, should the total exceed the allocated size, a charge will apply. See below for more detailed information.

In addition, CGI files have been prepared for members to use: Access Counter and Form Decode.

Homepage address

There are two types of homepage address available.

  • ID
  • (our FreeAddress service)

* Can also be browsed on http sites.

It is possible to release a homepage for each address, however, your homepage space will be calculated based on the total space usage for both addresses.

>> FreeAddress Service

Homepage space

The size of the homepage space depends on the Course and Plan the member is using. Should the total size of files in the homepage space exceed the allocated size, an additional homepages space usage charge will apply.

Connection Method Plan/Course Homepage Space
Basic Capacity Additional Homepage Space Usage
FTTH All Plans 100MB 198 yen per month per 5MB *
ADSL All Plans
Mobile All Plans
A Plan 25MB
B Plan 50MB
S Plan 100MB
Dial-up S Plan 100MB
K1 Course 10MB
Mail and Blog 10MB

* All charges shown above include tax.

* Homepage space usage exceeding that allocated by the Course / Plan will incur a charge of 198 yen (including tax) per month per 5MB excess. Please go to the About excess homepage usage section below for more information about how to calculate your homepage space usage.

CGI usage

CGI files have been prepared for free use by Asahi Net members: Access Counter and Form Decode. These CGI files can be used in both of the Individual member's homepages, by users of our Virtual Domain Web Hosting service and our MMJP Web Hosting service. Please feel free to try these CGI files.

  • Access Counter
    This CGI script counts the number of times your page has been accessed, and can put that information on your page in the form of a graphic image. Please access the configuration guide to find out more about the Access Counter.
    >> Configuration Guide : Access Counter
  • Form Decode
    This CGI script allows you to put HTML "forms" (various data input widgets such as text boxes, radio buttons, pop-up menus, etc) on your homepage. Please access the configuration guide to find out more about Form Decode.
    >> Configuration Guide : Form Decode

At the present time, for security reasons, Asahi Net members can't use their own CGI programs in their homepages.


How to upload files

Please access our configuration guide for details.
>> Configuration Guide : Individual Homepage Service

Account maintenance

Please access our Account Maintenance pages for various administration procedures related to homepage services.
>> Individual Users : Homepage Services
>> Business Users : Homepage Services

Important notes

About Commercial Business Usage

Commercial or profit-motivated material is permitted in Individual member's homepages, but only as dictated by the Asahi Net Individual Home Page Service Agreement. Basically, if you choose to put material of a commercial nature in your homepage space you are bound to take full responsibility for doing so.

If you are interested in having outright commercial content while using some homepage features not available within the homepage space available to Individual members, our Web Hosting service allows you to host a Web site under Asahi Net's MMJP domain name, e.g., or under your company's own Virtual domain name, e.g. If you need more information than is available on our Business Services Web site, please contact our office.

Membership Agreements

Please read this agreement before using the homepage service.
>> Individual Home Page Service Agreement

About excess homepage usage

How homepage space usage is calculated

In order for your homepage to function properly, each file is assigned 4 Kilobytes of space to be used for indexing, directories, etc. Therefore, the amount of space used to host your homepage is in fact larger than the combined size of all your files. Note: 1 Megabyte is equal to 1,024 Kilobytes.

Please use this link to confirm your current homepage space usage.
>> Confirm personal homepage space usage
(Your Asahi Net ID and password are required)

Homepage space excess

On an arbitrary date between the 1st and 15th of every month, Asahi Net measures the amount of disk space used, and charges accordingly for excess homepage space usage. If your homepage usage exceeds the amount of homepage space allocated to the Asahi Net Course and Plan you are using, excess usage charges will be made at a rate of 198 yen (including tax) per 5MB unit of excess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the page below for frequently asked questions about homepages.

>> FAQ - Homepage