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Asahi Net Secure Hosting

Secure Hosting
Notice on Closure of Secure Hosting Service
Secure Hosting Service has closed as of May 31, 2019.
We thank you for your interest in the service, and those members who have been using the service.


Asahi Net's Secure Hosting service consists of several virtual operating systems (OS) running on one server, and offers features and flexibility you'd expect from a dedicated server, at a reasonable price. Other than the hardware and network, each virtual OS is completely independent; resources such as the CPU, memory and network traffic are allocated evenly to each virtual OS. As a result, if a virtual OS on the same server has a very heavy loading the resources available to the other virtual OSs are guaranteed and therefore those virtual OSs will not be affected.

Asahi Net's Secure Hosting service suits those who have requirements such as "need root authority but don't need high loadings", "want to use a dedicated server but want to control implementation and operation costs", or "want a hosting service with high flexibility".

Detailed information about the service can be found in the application document.
>> Secure Hosting Service Application (in English)

A graphic representation of the Secure Hosting service Secure Hosting image
CentOS5 is used as the guest OS

The Linux distribution CentOS5 is an edited and re-compiled version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux's open source code based on its General Public License (GPL). The user community offers security updates, etc.


Contract Type
Standard Business
Initial charge*1 5,250 yen
Monthly charge*2 4,725 yen 7,875 yen
Disk capacity 3GB 5GB
Host name (FQDN Desired

* In addition to the above charges, Asahi Net will also charge for Business service handling fees, Internet connection Course charges, etc.
*1. The Initial charge is made in the month the Secure Hosting service is configured for the user.
*2. Monthly charges will start from the month after the Secure Hosting service is configured for the user.


Application forms are available in PDF format. It is possible to apply for the Secure Hosting service after becoming an Asahi Net member.

>> Secure Hosting Service Application - for use by Individual members (in English)
>> Secure Hosting Service Application - for use by Business service members (in English)

Please refer to the link page for how to use PDF files.
>> How to use PDF files

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