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In Brief

If you want Asahi Net to host your Virtual Domain Web site, this is the service for you, so please read on. The service includes Web space, CGI scripts (more than with the Individual hosting service), and it is possible to apply for a SSL directory for no extra charge.

For how to apply for a Virtual Domain, please see:
>> Virtual Domain Top

We also offer an email service for users of our Virtual Domain Web Hosting service. For more information, please see:
>> Email


If you've applied to register your Virtual domain at Asahi Net, you will be able to use our Virtual Domain Web Hosting service (unless you have only applied for Domain Registration and Holding).

The Service

Homepage Address

The Virtual Domain Web Hosting homepage address (URL) will be:


The type of domain you can register are listed on the following page:
>> Virtual Domain Top

CGI Scripts

The following CGI scripts are included in this service.

  • Access Counter
    Counts the numbers of accesses to your page and displays the number as a graphical image.
    See the following page for details:
    >> Access Counter (Japanese page)
  • Form Decode
    Allows you to place a form on your Web site and for you to collect the information visitors enter into the form.
    See the following page for details:
    >> Form Decode (Japanese page)

Optional Services

  • Authentication
    Allows you to give ID and password protected access to your site (or parts of it).
    See the following page for details:
    >> Authentication (Japanese page)
  • SSL
    Allows you to place your files into an SSL directory so that visitors to your pages have their data encrypted.
    See the following page for details:
    >> SSL (Japanese page)


If you are wanting to apply for and use this service, please read this:
>> Virtual Domain Service Agreement


FTP settings can be found here:
>> Support : Virtual Domain Web Hosting Service

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