Watch your fill! Hikari TV for Asahi Net

  • All charges shown include tax.

You can enjoy TV even more than before!

Simply connect your FLET'S Hikari fiber-optic line to your TV set and enjoy specialty channels, video, karaoke and more. That's Hikari TV! We've prepared an irresistible lineup of channels and videos for you, available to watch at a reasonable cost. With a FLET'S Hikari line you can enjoy TV even more than before! Why not try it?

Enjoy TV even more with fiber!

  1. Your choice of over 80 channels, over 49,000 videos!

    In addition to the 80 plus specialty channels such as drama, animation, film and music, a video service offering over 49,000 ready-to-watch videos is available. There are many ways to enjoy this, such as watching a topical drama on a specialty channel, and then following that with watching its playhouse version on video.

  2. No antenna needed! Only a FLET'S Hikari line!

    Hikari-TV is a video service distributed on a NTT FLET'S Hikari line. No BS antenna is required. Simply connect the Hikari TV tuner (rental possible) to your TV and start using the Hikari TV service.

    • A NTT East/NTT West FLET'S Hikari fiber-optic line is need to apply for and use the Hikari TV service. Should you need a FLET'S Hikari line, please apply for the Asahi Net Hikari with FLET'S service and then apply for Hikari TV.
  3. All-you-can-watch TV and video for 2,750 yen /month!
    (when Ninenwari (two-year discount) is applied.)

    Three plans are available with Hikari TV.
    Enjoy mostly TV channel streaming? Only video streaming? Or want to watch both unlimitedly?
    Choose a plan that fits your entertainment needs.
    Get started with the Ninenwari (two-year discount plan), and save with the free monthly charges for a maximum of 2 months plus a discount of 1,000 yen on monthly charges for 22 months.

    • Discount price: Discount will be applied to the price without tax.