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Hikari Portable

Asahi Net Wi-Fi Wi2

The Hikari Portable rental service

The Hikari Portable rental service offers the provision of a rental "Hikari Portable" NTT East mobile Wi-Fi router.

This Hikari Portable rental service is only available to Asahi Net members who have a NTT East fiber-optic service contract (FLET'S Hikari Next or B FLET'S), or Asahi Net members who will enter into a new contract for a NTT East fiber-optic service.

At home, you can connect up to 6 devices to the Hikari Portable router. The monthly rental fee for a Hikari Portable router is 300 yen , including tax. With a FLET'S Spot contract or a SIM card, you will be able to use the Hikari Portable router to make Internet connections outside your home.

Merits of the Hikari Portable service

1. Up to six (6) devices such as PCs with wireless LAN function and iPads can get simultaneous Internet connection with a Hikari Portable router. *1.
2. You can take the Hikari Portable router outside and enjoy wireless connection at FLET'S Spot hotspots; 9,100 hotspots are available throughout Japan *2. You will need to have a NTT East FLET'S Spot contract to make connections at FLET'S Spot hotspots. Please visit this page for more information.
3. If you place a SIM card into the Hikari Portable router you may use it within the service areas of 3G mobile networks. *3
4. A Wi-Fi cradle is available if you'd like to use the service in your home and secure the Hikari Portable router in the cradle (which also serves to recharge the router) .

*1. If using a B FLET'S line it is possible to have up to 5 devices connect simultaneously to the Internet with a Hikari Portable router.
*2. As of June 2010. This includes the 4,300 hotspots in the NTT West area. In the NTT West area, you will need to use NTT West's FLET'S Spot service. If you are connecting to the Internet with NTT West's FLET'S Spot service, you will need to subscribe to an Internet service provider that offers NTT West's FLET'S Spot service.
*3. To connect on a 3G mobile network you will need to enter into a contract with a 3G mobile network carrier.

>> Hikari Portable Router Specification

Monthly charges

  • You will need to be using a NTT East FLET'S fiber-optic service in order to apply for the Hikari Portable rental service. You will be billed for contract, installation and monthly charges for a NTT East's FLET'S fiber-optic service. If already using a NTT East FLET'S fiber-optic service you will not be billed for contract and installation charges. *1
NTT East FLET'S Hikari
Initial charge *2 Monthly usage charge
2800 yen from 2850 yen
Asahi Net
Monthly usage charge
from 550 yen
Hikari Portable *3
Initial Charge Monthly Charge
0 yen 500 yen (Router + cradle)
300 yen (Router only)

*1. Except for the B FLET'S New Family type service.
*2. 2000 yen of this 2800 yen Initial charge is NTT East's discounted installation charge.
*3. NTT East will bill you for Hikari Portable rental charges.

Important notes

* After making your application through Asahi Net, NTT East will contact you to confirm the details of the service you have applied for. At the time of NTT East's contact, please confirm whether you require the SIM-Lock version of the Hikari Portable router or the SIM-Free version.

* To apply for this Hikari Portable rental service you need to be using a Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S Course or other Asahi Net fiber-optic FLET'S Course in the NTT East area (except for B FLET'S New Family type lines).

* When using this service, please refer to the manual for the Hikari Portable router and treat the Hikari Portable router with care.

* Should you lose or damage the Hikari Portable router, or not return it after you cancel the service, NTT East will bill you 33143 yen .

* Before returning the Hikari Portable rental router, please make sure to remove the SIM card and the micro SD.

* To connect with the Hikari Portable router on a 3G mobile network you will need to enter into a contract with a 3G mobile network carrier.

* Please visit this NTT East Web page (Japanese) for information about the compatibility of different types of 3G Mobile data communication services.

* Although 3G mobile data communication services conform with W-CDM (including HSDPA and HSUPA), NTT East encourages using only those 3G mobile data communication service for which NTT East has verified compatibility. As for using a 3G mobile data communication service, the monthly billing may be costly depending on the pricing plan the mobile service carrier provide. Please note that NTT East shall not be responsible for the bills you will get from the mobile service carriers. Please ask the mobile carriers for the details of their mobile data communication services.

* If you want to use the Hikari Portable router for Internet connection outside your home, you will need to get a contract for a public wireless LAN service and/or for a 3G mobile data communication service.

How to apply

Please use the Apply button below and when prompted enter your Asahi Net User ID and its password.

(Your Asahi Net User ID and password is required)

※All charges shown exclude tax.

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