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au Hikari Service

The au Hikari Phone service offers high-quality and low-cost telephone use through KDDI's state-of-the-art Contents Delivery Network (CDN). It is possible to use your existing phone number and telephone equipment with this service.

To use the Phone service it is necessary to combine it with the au Hikari Internet service.

All charges shown exclude tax.

Fixed Monthly Charge

Initial Charge 800 yen
Monthly Charge 500 yen

The au Hikari Phone service can be used with the au Hikari Internet service for only an additional 500 yen /month. There is no need to pay NTT's 1,700 yen /month charge, therefore giving you a saving of 1,200 yen/month.

au Hikari Phone is a service offered by KDDI. In accordance with the launch of the Universal Service Fee in February 2007, a Universal Service Fee charge will also be billed. The current charges are:

    From 1st July 2012: 3 yen /month per phone number.
A saving of 1,200 yen/month!

Call Charges

Calls made through the au Hikari Phone service can offer savings when compared to calls made through traditional telephone lines. For example, when calling telephone numbers for fixed telephone lines in Japan the call rate is 8 yen /3 minutes, regardless of whether the number dialed is within or outside your telephone area.

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Phone Number And Phone Equipment

The au Hikari Phone service allows you to use your existing NTT phone number and telephone equipment. There is also no difference in the way phone numbers are dialed. Emergency numbers (police and fire department) can also be dialed.

Furthermore additional services are available including Call Waiting, Number Display, Unsolicted Call Prevention and Call Transfer.

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