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au Hikari Mansion Course

au Hikari Service Charge Steps

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Thank you for your interest in this service, however as of 1st August 2015, new applications in English for this service are not being accepted. Should you require the service, please make your application in Japanese here.

Initial charges and Monthly charges
Initial Charges
Type Initial setup charge
Construction Charge 1,250 yen for 24 months *1
Initial setup charge 3,000 yen
*1. This charge will be made in 24 monthly installments of 1,250 yen . Charges will start from the month following the opening month, and be billed one month in arrears. Should the au Hikari Mansion Course be cancelled before payment of the 24 monthly installments has been made, Asahi Net will bill the total of the remaining installments.

Optional on-site settings support
(kaketsuke) charge
6,800 yen *2
*2 The kaketsuke service is only available in Japanese and only computers with Japanese operating systems are supported. The charge is discounted to 2,000 yen only for the first time on-site settings support is carried out. On-site settings include: Internet connection settings, browser and email settings (up to one mail address) and STB set up (if the TV service has been applied for). The date the on-site settings will be carried out will be determined in your consultation call with KDDI. The discount is offered by KDDI.

Monthly Charge: au Hikari Mansion Course M Plan (Net service)
Type Monthly charge
V8 Type 4,100 yen
V16 Type 3,800 yen
E8 Type 3,700 yen
E16 Type 3,400 yen
F Type 3,900 yen
F(S) Type 3,400 yen
Urban Renaissance DX Type 3,800 yen
Giga Type 4,050 yen
Mini-Giga Type 5,000 yen
  • The equipment rental charge will be charged even during the period during which the usage charge is not charged.
  • The above charges are for the M Plan on the au Hikari Mansion Course. Should you require the S Plan on the au Hikari Mansion Course please refer to the following page for details of monthly charges and services that can be used.
    >> au Hikari Mansion Course S Plan
  • From the month of joining Asahi Net (the month your Asahi Net User ID is issued) to the month the au Hikari Mansion service is opened and you make your first connection to it, Asahi Net's Monthly Charge will not be applied. However, the use of optional services will be charged from the month of joining Asahi Net. These optional services include excess homepage space usage, surcharges for overseas access, connections to our Prime Access Point, etc.
  • In the month of cancellation, the Monthly Charge and charges for optional service(s) and excess usage (if applicable) will be charged, regardless of when the cancellation request is made.
  • Penalty charges for cancellation of this service have been established. The minimum length of service is 6 months, taking the first month as the opening month of the Hikari one Mansion service. Should cancellation of the au Hikari Mansion service be requested from the user within the 6 month period, the member will be billed for the total remaining monthly charges, initial charges and the rental equipment charges.
These services are included
Course and Plan Broadband connection Dial-up connection *1 Homepage space *2
au Hikari
Mansion Course
M Plan
Always-on Up to 5 hours, no charge.
5 yen /
minute for excess
100MB included

*1 Dial-up connection is possible, independent of your au Hikari connection. For example, you can be on a business trip and connect your laptop computer to one of our dial-up access points.
*2 Homepage space usage exceeding that allocated by the Course / Plan will incur a charge of 180 yen per month per 5MB excess. Please see About excess homepage usage for more information about how to calculate your homepage space usage.
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