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A NTT contract is essential. Please contact NTT for details, or visit their Web page.

NTT East Hikari Denwa Web page (Japanese)
NTT West Hikari Denwa Web page (Japanese)

Initial Charges

Type Charge
Basic installation charge 1,050 yen
Switchboard construction charge Basic function 1,000 yen
Optional services *1 1,000 yen
Number transfer *2 2,000 yen

* All the above charges exclude tax.
*1 Optional services include Catch Phone, Call Forwarding (Voice Warp), Caller ID Display (Number Display), Anonymous Call Rejection (Number Request), Nuisance Call Blocking (Meiwaku Denwa Okotowari) services, etc. By applying for an optional service at the same time as the Hikari Denwa service, the Switchboard construction charge for each optional service will be reduced. For details, visit the following page.
Hikari Denwa : Optional Services
*2 This is the cost for using the telephone number of your fixed telephone line with the Hikari Denwa service. A separate usage suspension charge of 1,000 yen (tax-excluded) is required for each additional subscribed telephone number.

Monthly Charge

NTT Plan Basic monthly charge Call charges included in the basic monthly charge *2 Features included in the basic monthly charge *3
Hikari Denwa A (Ace) 1,500 yen 480 yen + Number display
+ Anonymous Call Rejection
+ Catch Phone
+ Voice Warp
+ Call Notification *1
+ Nuisance Call Blocking
Kihon Plan 500 yen Not applicable  
Anshin Plan 1,400 yen 1,280 yen  
Motto Anshin Plan 3,900 yen 4,800 yen  

* All the above charges exclude tax.
*1 Call Notification is a service offered by NTT East Japan.
*2 Calls are possible to subscriber telephone lines, ISDN, Hikari Denwa and business IP Phone lines of NTT East and NTT West. In addition, the call charge included in the fixed monthly charge is calculated at 8.0 yen/3 minutes (excl. tax) and excess charges are calculated at 7.2 yen/3 minutes (excl. tax).
*3 Each optional service has its own service contract. For more information about optional services please refer to the following page:
Hikari Denwa : Optional Services

Call Charges

Where calling Receiver Call charge
Japan Hikari Denwa users/
Fixed line users
Nationwide 8.0 yen/3 minutes
Cell phone East Japan Group 1-A to B From 16.0 yen
17.5 yen /
60 seconds
West Japan Group A to B From 16.0 yen
18.0 yen /
60 seconds
PHS Local call 10.0 yen/
60 seconds
Within 160km 10.0 yen/
45 seconds
Over 160km 10.0 yen/
36 seconds
In addition to above call charges 10.0 yen/each call
(050 numbers)
East Japan Group 2-A to C From 10.4 yen
10.8 yen
/3 minutes
West Japan Group C to E From 10.4 yen
10.8 yen
/3 minutes
U.S.A. 9 yen/60 seconds
China 30 yen/60 seconds
Korea 30 yen/60 seconds

* All the above charges exclude tax.