Comparison of IP-Phone Hikari Denwa

Hikari Denwa Charge How to use the service Comparison with IP-Phone

Comparison of IP-Phone services

Service Name Hikari Denwa IP-Phone-C
Basic service
Phone number Using your current fixed-line telephone number is possible. Use a 050 number.
Emergency numbers (110/119 etc.) Possible Not possible
Toll-free numbers Possible Not possible
Call charges
Calls to users of the same service Charge No charge
Calls to fixed line telephone users in Japan Nationwide rate:
8.4. yen/3 minutes
Nationwide rate:
8.4 yen/3 minutes
Additional services
Call waiting Possible Not possible
Number display service Possible Possible
Voice warp service Possible Not possible
Number request service Possilbe Not possilbe
unwanted call refusal service Possible Not possible

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