FLET'S Hikari Light (Two-tiered, fixed-rate)

Monthly Usage Charge

West Japan Home Course

Asahi Net
Provider Monthly Usage Charge

NTT FLET'S Hikari Monthly Usage Charge
FLET'S Hikari Light (Two-tiered, fixed-rate)

780 yen /month
Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S Discount
No charge for the opening month
11 months
2,800 yen –
5,600 yen
/month *1

FLET'S Atto Discount

  • All charges shown exclude tax.
  • 1 This is the charge when FLET'S Atto Discount is applicable to a new FLET'S Hikari application.
FLET'S Atto Wari Discount
  • This discount service is for customers who use the FLET'S Hikari Light (Internet connection service) and commit to using the service for two continuous years. This discount service offers discounts of the monthly usage charge. For details, visit this NTT WEST page. (in Japanese)