FLET'S Hikari Light/Light Plus (Two-tiered, fixed-rate)

Monthly Usage Charge

East Japan Home Course

Asahi Net
Provider Monthly Usage Charge

NTT FLET'S Hikari Monthly Usage Charge
FLET'S Hikari Light (Two-tiered, fixed-rate)

780 yen /month
Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S Discount
No charge for the opening month
11 months
FLET’S Hikari Light
(200MB〜1,200MB Two-tiered fixed-rate)
2,200 yen –
5,200 yen
/month *1
FLET’S Hikari Light Plus
(3,000MB〜10,000MB Two-tiered fixed-rate)
3,800 yen –
5,500 yen
  • All charges shown exclude tax.
  • 1 This is the charge in the first year of using the service, after discounts have been applied. It is the charge after the FLET'S Hikari Members Club monthly points (worth 100 yen ) has been discounted.
NTT East FLET'S Hikari Light Charges

For details of NTT East's FLET'S Hikari Light charges, please visit this Web page: FLET'S Hikari Light Charges - Mansion (in Japanese): https://flets.com/light/mn/fee.html

FLET’S Hikari Light Charge Calculation Image Monthly Usage Charge

NTT East FLET'S Hikari Light Plus Charge

FLET’S Hikari Light Plus Charge Calculation Image Monthly Usage Charge

  • All charges listed above exclude tax.
  • The FLET’S Hikari Light charge shown is after deductions for the Giga Smart Discount, the Ninen (two-year) Discount campaign and FLET’S Hikari Members Club monthly points (1st year) have been discounted from the standard monthly charge.
  • 1 You will also need to pay NTT East Japan initial charges.
  • 2 The Basic Charge will be billed if a total of less than 200MB of data communication (traffic) is used on the FLET'S Hikari Light Family line in a month. Please note that depending on your device's settings and software installed on it, it may be possible for your device to make automatic downloads that will result in the total communication traffic exceeding 200MB and traffic charges being billed.
  • 3 The Traffic Charge will be billed for data communication including connections to the Internet for Web browsing, email sending/receiving, etc.
  • 4 Please refer to NTT's statements for confirmation of data traffic volumes and communication charges.
  • 5 Data communication (traffic) will be rounded up to the next 10MB unit.
  • 6 Between 9,900MB and 10,000MB the cost is about an additional 44 yen /100MB.