5th April 2017

Release of IPv6 Connection Feature

Thank you for using Asahi Net.

From April 2017, Asahi Net will provide the IPv6 Connection Feature.

As a standard function*1 for Asahi Net FTTH with FLET’S, Asahi Net Docomo Hikari and other service course with NTT East/West fiber-optic lines, you can now start using IPv6.

By adding IPv6 along with the existing IPv4, we aim to achieve the mid to long-term enhancement of user's network quality.

Asahi Net will continue to provide high quality Internet connection services.

  • To start using the IPv6 Connection Feature, some of our members will need to have the "FLET'S v6 Option" (free of charge) provided by NTT East/NTT West. If you are using a fiber-optic line without this option, we will apply for the FLET'S v6 Option on your behalf. For details, please refer to the webpage About IPv6 Connection Feature.

Please see the details about IPv6 Connection Feature and check if your action is needed.

About IPv6 Connection Feature