Asahi Net's IPv6 Connection Feature | Offering Much Enhanced Internet Experience with DS-LiteAsahi Net's IPv6 Connection Feature | Offering Much Enhanced Internet Experience with DS-Lite

IPv6 Connection Feature (IPv4 over IPv6 Connection)

IPv4 over IPv6 Connection allows you to connect with IPv4 in IPv6 network with less traffic.

Supported Courses

  • Asahi Net FTTH with FLET’S
  • Asahi Net docomo Hikari
  • FLET'S Hikari Next
  • FLET'S Hikari Light

IPv6 makes your internet faster, and it's easy to use!

Achieves speedier internet with IPv6 connection (IPoE + DS-Lite).

By connecting with IPv6 network to both IPv4 and IPv6 websites, a faster and much improved data communication is possible.

Easy IPv4 Browsing | No Settings | No Charge

A technology called Dual-Stack Lite (DS-Lite) enables the IPv4 communication in IPv6 network.

IPv6 (IPv4 over IPv6) Connection Feature Details

Connection method DS-Lite
IP address We will provide you with IPv4 IP address.
Please note that IP address we provide you is not a fixed IP address.
  • IPv6 Connection (IPoE) requirements has to be fulfilled.
  • User of supporting router.

Depending on service, you may need to apply for the service to fulfill requirements.

Please refer to "Steps to Start Using" for details.

IPv4 over IPv6 Connection Supported Routeres

Rental router (home gateway)
Manufacturer Supported Device How to Rent a Router
NTT East/West XG-100NE
PR-600KI/ PR-600MI/ RX-600KI/ RX-600MI/
PR-500KI/ PR-500MI/ RT-500KI/ RT-500MI/
RS-500KI※/ RS-500MI※
Please contact the fiber-optic line provider you are using.
  • Only available in NTT East.
Router prepared by yourself
Manufacturer Supported Device Online Store
Amazon (Japanese)
i-o data device WN-DEAX1800GR
io PLAZA (Japanese)
NEC Platforms Aterm WX(AX)1800HP
Aterm Biz SH621A1
Aterm WG1200HS4
Aterm WG1200HP4
Shop@Aterm (Japanese)
  • Please use with the latest version firmware.
  • Please note that only XG-100NE supports the Hikari Cross line Service. For that reason, if you are using Asahi Net Hikari Cross Course, Asahi Net docomo Hikari 10 Gbps Course, FLET’S Hikari Cross Course, or Asahi Net FTTH with FLET’S Cross, please also apply for a rental router.

Steps to Start Using

Please check the following before making your application.

If you are using one of the following Courses, there is no need to take the Procedure to Start Using the Service.

  • Asahi Net docomo Hikari 10 Gbps Course
  • FLET’S Hikari Cross Course
  • Asahi Net FTTH with FLET’S Cross (East Japan area)

Also, members who applied for IPv4 over IPv6 Connection together with the application of connection service do not have to take any procedure.

If you are not using the IPv6 Connection Feature (IPoE), your Customer ID will be required when making the application. Please have your ID ready before making your application.

  • STEP 1Prepare a supported router.

    Prepare a supported router.

    IPv4 over IPv6 Connection will become available a few hours after taking the procedure to Start Using the Service. Please have your supported router connected to ONU and turn the switch ON before making your request.

  • STEP 2Procedure to start using

    Procedure to start using

    Please make a request from the following page in order to start using the service.

    Proceed to registration for IPv6 Connection Feature

  • STEP 3Automatic connection setting

    Automatic connection setting

    After your request has been processed, the connection settings will be completed automatically.
    After the settings are completed, you can start using the Service immediately.

  • STEP 4Start using

    Start using

    You can check if you are connected with IPv6 from the following page.



  • What is IPv4 over IPv6?

    It is a structure for flowing IPv4 data on IPv6 network.
    IPv6 network can be used for connecting to both IPv6 website and IPv4 website.

  • What is the difference between IPv4 over IPv6 (DS-Lite) and IPv4 (PPPoE)?

    The two connections use different communication facilities for connecting to the internet.
    IPv4 over IPv6 (DS-Lite) goes through a facility which is less congested and therefore less likely to cause a slowdown.

  • If I apply for IPv4 over IPv6 (DS-Lite), will I not be able to use IPv4 (PPPoE) anymore?

    You can continue using IPv4 (PPPoE) as long as the service you are using offers IPv4 (PPPoE) as a standard feature.


If you are switching providers to Asahi Net

  • In case where you are switching providers to Asahi Net and applying for the applicable course at the same time, you may not use the IPv6 Connection Feature (IPv6 connection (IPoE) and IPv4 over IPv6 (DS-Lite)) if you are still using the IPv6 service by other company.
  • If your application is processed without terminating the IPv6 service by other company, you will not be able to use our IPv6 Connection Feature. In that case, we will send you a confirmation (notice). When you receive the notice, please terminate the IPv6 service by other company and apply again for Asahi Net's IPv6 Connection Feature.

If your fiber-optic line ID starts with COP

  • If you are using a fiber-optic line with a line ID starting with COP, and has subscribed for Hikari Denwa before September 2014, there are cases where you may not be able to connect with IPv4 over IPv6 Connection.
  • If you are using Type 1 Hikari Denwa, please change to Type 2. Please note that you may be required to replace your device to a Hikari Denwa-supported device if you are changing your Type.