FLET'S Hikari Light

Monthly NTT charge from 2,970 yen - Modestly priced two-tiered charging system

* All charges listed above include tax.

  • East Japan
  • West Japan

FLET'S Hikari Light

FLET'S Hikari Light is a NTT East/NTT West fiber-optic broadband service offering always-on connection. It offers a two-tiered charging system and is suitable for light Internet users, for example those who use the Internet once or twice a week. There is an upper charge set for this service and so even in months of heavy Internet use there is a limit to how much NTT East/NTT West will charge.

Asahi Net's FLET'S Hikari Light Course will allow you to connect to the Internet through a NTT East/NTT West FLET'S Hikari Light line (you will have contacted NTT East/NTT West directly to establish a FLET'S Hikari Light contract). Asahi Net will bill for our Internet service, NTT East/NTT West will bill for their FLET'S Hikari Light service.

NTT West's FLET'S Web page

For information about this service’s applicability to IPv6, please refer to the "About IPv6 Connection Feature."

FLET'S Hikari Light Charge Calculation Image

  • * All charges listed above include tax.
  • * Please note that depending on your device's settings and software installed on it, it may be possible for your device to make automatic downloads that will result in the total communication traffic exceeding 200MB and traffic charges being billed.
  • * NTT West's Security Taisaku Tool is provided as standard with the service. Some of its functionality involves data communication and this would be applicable to the FLET'S Hikari Light communication charge calculations, however for the time being it is not being included in charge calculations. It is possible for this to change and for such communication data traffic to be included, which could lead to the 200MB being exceeded and a traffic charge being billed.
  • * It is possible for NTT West's Security Taisaku Tool functionality to be set on and off.
  • * Depending on the usage volume, it is possible for FLET'S Hikari Light charges to exceed FLET'S Hikari Next charges.
  • *1 The FLET'S Hikari Light monthly charges are applicable to FLET'S Atto Wari discounts.
  • *2 Monthly charges when Hikari Hajime Wari is applied.

FLET'S Atto Wari Charges

  • Customers who apply for FLET'S Hikari Light under a two-year commitment of continuous usage will have their monthly usage charge discounted by 440 yen (tax-included). The contract charge and the installation charge are not discounted.
  • Customers who choose to terminate their service agreement before the last day of the 24th month (counting the service start month as the 1st month) will be subject to the termination charge below. No termination charge applies for termination on the last day of the 24th month. If cancellation is made within the first year, the termination charge will be 9,900 yen (tax-included). Please contact NTT to confirm the termination charge for cancellations made within the second year.
  • For inquiries about FLET'S Hikari Light including cancellation charge inquiries, please call NTT West on 0120-116116 between 9am and 9pm (available all days except 29th December to 3rd January).
  • * Data uploaded and downloaded for Internet connection services (Web browsing, sending and receiving email, etc.) will be applicable to service charges.
  • * Data communication (traffic) will be rounded up to the next 10MB unit. If there is less than 10MB of traffic in a month, it will be rounded up and considered to be 10MB.
  • * Installation charges shown are examples. The actual installation charge will vary depending on the scope of the installation work required for the FLET'S Hikari Light line.
    Should it not be possible to use the existing infrastructure at the location to install the FLET'S Hikari Light line, new infrastructure (piping) will need to be installed, which will result in additional charges being incurred.

The steps to the opening of service

Those making a new application for Asahi Net
Those who are already using Asahi Net


* Should you want to apply at the same time for both a NTT FLET'S Hikari line and Asahi Net, please apply for the Asahi Net Hikari with FLET'S service.
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