FLETS Hikari Premium

FLET'S Hikari Premium
■ Closure of NTT West FLET’S Hikari Premium service
NTT West has announced the closure of FLET’S Hikari Premium service. Please kindly refer to the following webpage for guidance on how to continue to use Asahi Net’s internet connection services.

FLET'S Hikari Premium

The FLET'S Hikari Premium Course will allow you to connect to the Internet on a FLET'S Hikari Premium line that you have either already ordered through NTT West or intend to order from NTT West. Asahi Net will bill for our Internet service, NTT West will bill for their FLET'S Hikari Premium line.

For more detail of this service, please contact NTT West.
NTT West : Types of Services (FLET'S Hikari Premium Apartment Type)

Using Asahi Net FLET'S Hikari Premium

It is possible for users of a FLET'S Hikari Premium line with another Internet provider to change provider to Asahi Net. Please see below for a table of Asahi Net FLET'S Hikari Premium Courses and comparable NTT line types. Please be sure to apply for the Asahi Net FLET'S Hikari Premium Course that is compatible with your NTT FLET'S Hikari Premium line.

Asahi Net FLET'S Hikari Premium Courses / Compatible NTT services

  Asahi Net
Monthly Charge
NTT Service Location
FLET'S Hikari Premium
Family Course


1,100 yen FLET'S Hikari Premium Family Type Detached
FLET'S Hikari Premium
Mansion Course


770 yen FLET'S Hikari Premium Mansion Type Housing

* All charges listed above include tax.

* These charges are for Asahi Net's M Plan on each Course. The M Plan offers always-on FLET'S Hikari Premium connection. Other Plans are available - click the Details button.

Notes for English Speakers

  • NTT will supply a CTU device that must be configured in order to make an Internet connection. The CTU device is a router. Visit our Configuration Guide for how to configure NTT's CTU device.

  • There is no English-language documentation provided by NTT for this service.

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