New application for B FLET’S Mansion Course is closed

In association with the closing of NTT East/West B FLET'S services, Asahi Net have stopped taking new applications for the service.

B FLET'S Mansion Course

Compatible with NTT East B FLET'S Mansion Type services.
Maximum potential upload and download speeds of 100Mbps (best effort) are offered. The service offers an always-on connection for a fixed monthly fee.


  • Offered throughout Japan.
  • Max. downstream / upstream 100Mbps (best effort).

Monthly Charges

Asahi Net Monthly Charge

Monthly Charge FLETS Connection Dial-up Connection Homepage
M Plan 700 yen Always-on connection time Up to 5 hours no charge.
Excess 5 yen /minute
Up to 100MB no charge.
Each excess 5MB is 180 yen /month.

* All the above charges exclude tax.

* Charges shown are for the B FLET'S Mansion Course M Plan. For other Plans on the B FLET'S Mansion Course, please visit this page for details.
B FLET'S Mansion Course Plans

* If within six months of joining Asahi Net a connection to the B FLET'S Mansion service has not been made, Asahi Net will either switch you to a Dial-up Course or cancel your membership. More about this can be found on the following page.
When no connections are made to FLET'S services

NTT Monthly Charges

NTT East Optical Wiring format
VDSL format
Plan 1 3,250 yen
Plan 2 2,850 yen
mini 3,850 yen
LAN format Plan 1 2,900 yen
Plan 2 2,500 yen
mini 3,500 yen

* All the above charges exclude tax.

Initial Charge

NTT Initial Charges

NTT East Japan Standard Installation Charges * 15,000 yen

* All the above charges exclude tax.

* It is possible for initial charges to differ depending on differences in installation conditions. The initial charge can be paid to NTT in 24 monthly installments, or in one lump sum.

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