NTT East B FLET'S Service has Closed

We have closed the service as of January 31, 2021.
Thank you for your interest and use of the service.


B FLET'S is a fiber-optic broadband service offering always-on connection. Please contact NTT for details of how to apply for a B FLET'S FTTH line and for confirmation of NTT's charges, or visit their Web page (see below).


Using B FLET'S At Asahi Net

If you are currently using a NTT East FLET'S line with another Internet provider, you may change to Asahi Net - please see below. Please apply for the B FLET'S Course that matches the type of NTT B FLET'S line, e.g. B FLET'S Mansion Course if you are contracted with NTT for a B FLET'S Mansion line.

Asahi Net B FLET'S Courses and NTT Line Types

  Asahi Net
Monthly Charge
NTT East Location
Of PCs
Family Course


1,000 yen Hyper Family Detached
Mansion Course


700 yen Mansion Housing

* All charges listed above exclude tax.

* These charges are for Asahi Net's M Plan on each Course. The M Plan offers always-on B FLET'S connection to NTT's B FLET'S service. Other Plans are available - click the Details button.

* The Number of PCs is the maximum number of PCs that can be connected at a time with this service, according to NTT.

Notes for English Speakers

  • Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/MacOSX: If you have an English Windows or MacOSX computer, you are in luck because the software needed (PPPoE) is pre-installed. Visit our Configuration Guide to find the settings for Windows and MacOSX PPPoE. Please do not install NTT's Japanese software from their CD into your English Windows or MacOSX computer.

  • Routers: If NTT has supplied you with a VoIP router, you may configure it to make the Internet connection instead of using PPPoE in your computer. Visit our Configuration Guide for how to configure the NTT VoIP router step by step, in English, with pictures. The documentation NTT supply with their routers is only available in Japanese.

  • There is no English-language documentation provided by NTT for this service.
  • Fixed IP Address Option

    Asahi Net's Fixed IP Address Option is available to users of the B FLET'S Course. The option is suitable for those who play on-line games, for those wanting to raise the level security of communication between offices using VPN, etc. This service provides a static (fixed) IPv4 address.
    A dynamic IP address is assigned to B FLET'S Mansion and B FLET'S Family Courses - therefore if a fixed IP address is required it is necessary to apply for the Fixed IP Address Option.

    Fixed IP Address Option

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please refer to the page below for frequently asked questions about the B FLET'S service.

    FAQ - FLET'S Hikari Next/FLET'S Hikari Light

    What do I have to do when I am moving?

    Other questions about B FLET's