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Service for families

Family Service

This is a simple guide for how to use Asahi Net in a family.

Internet connection in one place

Example: a family living under one roof and sharing one ADSL line. Each member of the family wants their own mailbox (and email address).

As its possible for everyone to use the same Internet connection, all you need to do is apply for an Additional Mailbox for each member of your family. There is no monthly usage charge for the first Additional Mailbox applied for.

>>Click for more about the Additional Mailbox service

Internet connection in several places

Example: you have a child living in another place. You want to pay for your child's Asahi Net account with your credit card.

Apply for Asahi Net's Proxy Payment system so that your child can use their User ID independently of yours at their place. Your child's Asahi Net charges will be billed to your credit card.

>> Click here to apply for proxy payment system
(Asahi Net User ID and Password are required)

About the Family Member scheme

The Family Member scheme was withdrawn at the end of March 2003. Those members who were using the Family Member scheme at that time were able to continue using it without a change to their charging (see Charging for Family Members, below). However from the end of March 2003 new Family Member applications have not been allowed.

>> Click here if you are currently using Family Member scheme

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