[Dial-up Course S Plan] Unlimited email, blog, and dial-up 1,950 yen monthly | [Dial-up K1 Course] Recommended for short-time email/dial-up users 300 yen monthly

Above charges are all tax excluded.

Initial charges/Monthly charges

Asahi Net monthly charges

  Monthly Charges Basic Dial-up Connection Excess Charge
Dial-up Course S Plan 1,950 yen Unlimited None
Dial-up Course K1 Course 300 yen 15 hours 5 yen/min

*Charges for connections to Access Point will be separately billed from each provider.
For connection charges, please refer to the following page.
Access Point Information: All-Japan Access Point

Service overview

An internet connection service using dial-up connection.

  Dial-up Course S Plan Dial-up K1 Course
Connection type Dial-up
Payment system Fixed charge/unlimited 24 hours (call charge separately billed) Pay-as-you-go
Maximum speed 128 Kbps download/128 Kbps upload
Email address You can have up to two addresses for free
Mailbox size Unlimited. Email will be stored for 180 days.
Personal homepage space
*180 yen/month per exceeded 5 MB
Up to 100 MB free data space Up to 10 MB free space
Security service Available
Blog service Available for free Unavailable
Fixed IP Address Unavailable

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Please refer to the link below for frequently asked questions (FAQ) of dial-up connection.

FAQ: Dial-up Connection

Connection settings

Please refer to the page below for connection settings.

Settings Guide: All-Japan Access Point

Important Information
Here is important information about your contract for this service.

An explanation of the important contract terms for this service.