Mail and Blog Course

Mail and Blog Course

About the Mail and Blog Course

The Mail and Blog Course is for those who don't need to use Asahi Net for Internet connection but do want to use Asahi Net's email services and blog service (AsaBlo). It is possible to use the Mail and Blog Course when the Internet connection is provided by a different Internet provider.

The merits of the Mail and Blog Course

1. Full use of our mail services.
2. Full use of our AsaBlo blog service.
3. 10MB of homepage space provided should you want to make a homepage.

Mail and Blog Course Charge

All charges shown exclude tax.

Course Asahi Net
Initial Charge
Asahi Net
Monthly Charge
Mail and Blog Course 0 yen 300 yen
  • Homepage space usage exceeding the 10MB provided will incur a charge of 180 yen per month per 5MB excess. Please see About excess homepage usage for more information about how to calculate your homepage space usage.


The main services available with the Mail and Blog Course are Asahi Net's mail service and blog service. Please visit the service pages (see below) for details of these services.

Service Details
Mail Service Details
Blog Service (AsaBlo) Details

How To Apply

If not an Asahi Net member, please apply for the Mail and Blog Course by phone.
>> Asahi Net's English telephone support and contact information

If already an Asahi Net member, and wanting to change to the Mail and Blog Course, please do so using our Account Maintenance page.
>> Account Maintenance