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AsaOne(ASP Type Groupware)

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AsaOne(ASP Type Groupware)


What is groupware?

Groupware is software that can be used by a group of people who may be in different locations but are working on the same information, and allows them to use it for their own needs, as well as to share information and files with each other.

The main functions typically include a scheduling calender, teleconferencing room reservation, electronic bulletin board and a place where common documents and files can be accessed and shared.

What is AsaOne?

AsaOne is secure online groupware that is provided by Asahi Net.

No need for an in-house server
With AsaOne Asahi Net takes responsibility and manages the groupware on one of our servers. The groupware is accessible to our customers in a password protected and secure environment and can be used straight away. There is no need for an in-house engineer to manage the server at your location either.

File uploading/downloading functionality
Excel, Word and PDF files that have been uploaded and registered into your AsaOne space can easily be downloaded, without the need for group members to request that it be sent as an attachment via email. Because the file is stored on the server, downloading of the file is always possible.

What is the Asa one?

Security features
AsaOne can be set to prevent other people access even if they know your user AsaOne ID and password.

A user may register a global fixed IP address or provider's host name to prevent illicit access.

It is possible to use AsaOne with ease even if the server is not located at your company due to these security features.

Security Features

AsaOne features

  • High speed.
    Use it at high speeds via Asahi Net's wideband backbone.
  • Peace of mind.
    With Asahi Net's server surveillance technology it's possible to use AsaOne with a feeling of ease.
  • Safety.
    Access can be limited via fixed IP and provider for each ID.
  • Convenience.
    Suitable for communicating and file sharing with workstations outside of your network because of the ASP type server.

Asahi Net's Fixed IP Address Service

Environment requirements

Browser: Internet Explorer 6 or higher, FireFox.

Browser:Safari, Internet Explorer 5.2 or higher.


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