New applications for FLET'S ADSL Course are closed

New applications for FLET'S ADSL line offered by NTT East/West has been closed in areas where FLET'S Hikari is provided as of June 30, 2016.

Please note that the service provision of FLET'S ADSL Service will end as of January 31, 2023, in areas where FLET'S Hikari is provided.
If you are using FLET'S ADSL in the applicable area, please consider applying for our fiber-optic service, Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S.

770 yen/month

* All charges listed above include tax.

  • East Japan
  • West Japan


FLET'S ADSL is a NTT East/NTT West ADSL broadband service offering always-on connection. Asahi Net allows its members to connect to NTT's FLET'S ADSL service wherever NTT offer it in Japan. A NTT FLET'S ADSL contract is required.

ADSL is a "best-effort" service, therefore factors such as line conditions and Internet congestion may cause the speed to lower: there is no guarantee for the actual speeds that will be achieved through use of this service.

NTT West's Web page

NTT West Charges

  Have a telephone line
(Type 1)
Don't have a telephone line
(Type 2)
Initial NTT Contract Charge 880 yen 880 yen
NTT Initial Installation Charge 3,355 yen 2,420 yen
Total 4,235 yen 3,300 yen
Monthly Asahi Net Monthly Charge 770 yen
Opening month no charge
770 yen
Opening month no charge
NTT Line
Monthly Charge

Your Line
Line Type Speed  
More Special (47M) Down 44-47Mbps
Up 5Mbps
3,278 yen 5,445 yen
More 40 (40M) Down 40Mbps
Up 1Mbps
3,278 yen 5,445 yen
More 24 (24M) Down 24Mbps
Up 1Mbps
3,245 yen 5,412 yen
More (12M) Down 12Mbps
Up 1Mbps
3,190 yen 5,335 yen
8M Plan Down 8Mbps
Up 1Mbps
3,080 yen 5,225 yen
1.5M Down 1.5Mbps
Up 512Kbps
2,970 yen 5,005 yen
  • * All charges shown above include tax.
  • * Monthly charge for the month which includes the service opening date is free.
  • * The monthly charge reflects NTT's My Line bundled charge.
  • * NTT's charges for equipment (modem) rental are not included.

Line Types

  • Type 1 line : FLET'S ADSL is placed on your existing NTT telephone line. If you have a NTT telephone line, this is the recommended service. The line can be used for telephone calls while connected to the FLET'S ADSL service.
  • Type 2 line : If you don't have or don't want a NTT telephone line, apply for Type 2 line. This is a dedicated data line, allowing only ADSL communication.

Notes for English Speakers

  • Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/MacOSX: If you have an English Windows or MacOSX computer, you are in luck because the software needed (PPPoE) is pre-installed. Visit our Configuration Guide to find the settings for Windows and MacOSX PPPoE. Please do not install NTT's Japanese software from their CD into your English Windows or MacOSX computer.
  • Routers: If NTT has supplied you with a VoIP router-type ADSL modem, you may configure it to make the Internet connection instead of using PPPoE in your computer. Visit our Configuration Guide for how to configure the NTT VoIP router step by step, in English, with pictures. The documentation NTT supply with their routers is only available in Japanese.
  • There is no English-language documentation provided by NTT for this service.

Using FLET'S ADSL at Asahi Net

Service opening date refers to the date when the first connection is made with FLET’S ADSL line, and monthly charge for the month which includes the service opening date is free.

In case where three months have passed after the following month of application without meeting the service opening date, the fourth month is considered as the service opening month, and monthly charge will be billed starting the month which includes the service opening date.

Please apply for the Asahi Net FLET'S ADSL Course appropriate to the NTT FLET'S ADSL contract you have entered into.

In addition to Asahi Net membership on our FLET'S ADSL Course, a contract for a NTT FLET'S ADSL line is also required. Please contact NTT directly to inquire about getting a FLET'S ADSL line.

Call NTT East in English on 0120-565-950.
Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (closed Sat, Sun, public holidays).

Call NTT West in English on 0120-064337.
Hours:9 a.m.-5 p.m. (closed Sat, Sun, public holidays).

Asahi Net FLET'S ADSL Course and NTT Line Type

  Asahi Net
Monthly Charge
NTT Service Usage
770 yen FLET'S ADSL Type Wherever NTT offers the service

* All the above charges include tax.

Charges shown are for the FLET'S ADSL Course M Plan. For the FLET'S ADSL Course S Plan, please click the Details link.

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