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The steps to using Asahi Net (if applying for Asahi Net membership)

These are not the steps to making an application for a NTT FLET'S ADSL line. If you don't have a NTT FLET'S ADSL line, please first contact NTT to apply for one.

Step 1

Confirm service area

First, check that FLET'S ADSL is offered to the area you want to use it.
Area Check

Step 2


When the area check is complete, you'll see a list of services you can choose from and apply for. Apply for the FLET'S ADSL Course.

Step 3

ID issuance

An Asahi Net User ID is issued within 1 week of your signup.

We don't issue User IDs from our Web page.

Step 4

Connection settings

Please configure your equipment.

Step 5

Use the service!