Seven Reasons To Join Asahi Net

1. Customer-oriented service

We think our customer's satisfaction comes first. We aim to offer a reliable service. We also concentrate on providing the best support. We'll answer our member's questions by phone and email. Whether you are a first-time user or a power-user, we'll answer your questions politely.

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2. Competitive service charges

Our broadband Internet connection services are offered at low-cost, even before discounts with Asahi Net campaigns are taken into account.

Hikari with FLET'S Home (NTT East) - provider monthly charges

Asahi Net OCN BIGLOBE Yahoo!BB So-net Plala @nifty
780 yen 1100 yen 1200 yen 1200 yen 1000 yen 1000 yen 1000 yen
As of 26th February 2014.
All charges shown above exclude tax.
The NTT East monthly charge is 4600 yen (for all providers) - FLET'S Hikari Next line.

>> Hikari with FLET'S Home (east Japan)

Hikari with FLET'S Mansion (NTT East) - provider monthly charges

Asahi Net OCN BIGLOBE Yahoo!BB So-net Plala @nifty
700 yen 900 yen 900 yen 950 yen 900 yen 800 yen 950 yen
As of 26th February 2014.
All charges shown above exclude tax.
The NTT East monthly charge is 2950 yen (for all providers) - Optical wiring format, Plan 2.

>> Hikari with FLET'S Mansion (east Japan)

3. English customer service

Support in English has been available on our dedicated 03-6631-0861 phone line since 1996, so have plenty of experience and skill with which to serve you. Our English call center is located in Tokyo. We don't only provide support by phone, we provide it by email too. Should you apply for our service in English, we will flag your account as being an "English-speaking" account and send your Asahi Net account information in English.

4. Taking security seriously

Asahi Net has passed the licensing examination of the Internet Connection Service Safety & Security Promotion Association and therefore can use the Safe Security ISP mark.

Safe Security ISP mark The Safe Security ISP Mark These services are available
>> Virus Check service
>> Neo-SpamBlock service

5. Well established, and getting results

Asahi Net has been in operation since 1990. We are looking forward to continue to provide a stable, reliable and comfortable Internet experience for our users.
>> Company History

We are regularly voted number 1 ISP by the Internet media.
>> Ranked No.1 for Customer Satisfaction

6. Leading-edge services

We are not standing still. We keep releasing services to meet the needs of our customers and based on the latest technology, for example mobile broadband services like Asahi Net WiMAX 2+ and the Asahi Net LTE service.

Asahi Net also offers a low-priced Fixed IP Address service for both home and business use. Many providers only offer this to business members, but we offer it to individuals as well, and offer it at a very attractive price, just 800 yen /month.

>> Fixed IP Address

7. No limit to Asahi Net mailbox size

The Asahi Net email service does not restrict the amount of mail you can have in your Asahi Net mailbox, or the amount of mail you can download into it. Our mail service can support the sending and receiving of large attachments and is suitable for business use.

Who we are

Asahi Net is a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Japan. We started our operation in 1990 and now offer broadband fiber-optic (FTTH), ADSL and mobile Internet connection services as well as many optional services including IP-Phone and Internet TV. We have been ranked no.1 for customer satisfaction for 10 years running. We have been offering support in English on our dedicated 03-6631-0861 phone line since 1996. We think we can be trusted based on our experience, results and the pricing of our services. Please contact us in English to find out what we can offer you!