Asahi Net Mailing List Service Agreement

Asahi Net, Inc.

Section 1 : Applicability

This contract applies to Asahi Net, Inc. (hereafter referred to as "The Company"), and the person who establishes and maintains the mailing list (hereafter referred to as "The Owner"), in regard to the Mailing List Service offered by The Company (hereafter referred to as "Mailing List Service").

Section 2 : Service Contents

1. The Company is offering Mailing List Service as an additional service allowing members of the Mailing List to send and receive information; but The Company makes no guarantees whatsoever in regards to the Mailing List Service.

2. The Company reserves the right to change the contents of the Mailing List Service without notifying The Owner.

Section 3 : Responsibilities of the List Administrator

The Owner will bear full responsibility for the operation of the Mailing List Service, and will also bear responsibility for any problems that may be caused by said operation. The Company bears no responsibility for members of the Mailing List created by The Owner.

Section 4 : Service Fees

1. Charges for the Mailing List Service will be paid along with charges for normal access to Asahi Net.

2. Prices for Mailing List Service are subject to change without notice.

Section 5 : Restricted Activities

The Owner will refrain from the following activities, and will also assure that participants to the Mailing List will refrain from the following activities:

(1) Activity that in the judgment of The Company, violates the law, or pushes the limits of the law.

(2) Activity that impedes the operation of The Company.

(3) Activity that impedes the smooth operation of the Internet.

Section 6 : Termination of the Mailing List Service

If The Owner is found to be in violation of this agreement, The Company will discontinue the Mailing List, and is under no obligation to notify The Owner, or refund payments made thus far.

Section 7 : Damages and Penalties

If violations of this agreement result in monetary liability on the part of The Company, The Owner will pay the full amount of damages.

Section 8 : Temporary Interruption of Service

Due to maintenance, electrical outage, natural disasters, or various other reasons, Mailing List Service may be temporarily unavailable at certain times.

Section 9 : Termination of Service

The Company may suspend the Mailing List Service due to business or technical reasons. In this circumstance, The Company will notify The Owner at least two months in advance.

Section 10 : The Company's Liability

1. The Company will strive to make the Mailing List Service run smoothly at all times, but will not be held responsible for damages caused by temporary interruptions in service.

2. The Company will not be held responsible for damages caused by The Owner.

3. If The Owner causes damage to a third party, The Owner will be responsible for reaching an acceptable agreement in regards to resulting penalties, without involving The Company.

Section 11 : Applicability and Change of this Contract

The Company reserves the right to change this agreement at any time. In such an event, The Owner will be notified, and the new agreement will apply to all aspects of the Mailing List Service.

Section 12 : When this agreement goes into effect

This agreement becomes effective from the moment The Owner is notified that the Mailing List has been created.

Section 13: Courts

In the event that a dispute arises between The Owner and The Company regarding the contents of this agreement, the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance will be one of either Tokyo Regional Court (TOUKYOU CHIHOU SAIBANSHO) or Tokyo Summary Court (TOUKYOU KAN'I SAIBANSHO).

(January 1, 2001)