FLETfS Hikari Next/Light Course Agreement

Asahi Net, Inc.

Article 1. General Provisions

  1. FLETfS Hikari Next/Light Course Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the gAgreementh) applies to members (hereinafter referred to as the gMemberh) of Asahi Net, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the gCompanyh) using FLETfS Hikari Next Course or FLETfS Hikari Light Course (hereinafter collectively referred to as the gServiceh) provided by the Company, on the premise that the Member uses the internet connection environment provided by NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as gNTT Easth) or NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE WEST CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as gNTT Westh), under the service names such as FLETfS Hikari Next and FLETfS Hikari Light (hereinafter collectively referred to as gFLETfS Hikari Next and Light.)
  2. Various other terms and conditions the Member has agreed to and items the Company has provided shall apply, should there be matters with respect to the Service not otherwise specified within the Agreement.
  3. The Company may add or delete the provisions of the Agreement without prior notice to the Member. In such event, the Company shall provide a supplementary note with the revision date.

Article 2. Application and Approval

  1. The Member shall agree to Asahi Net Individual Member Service Agreement, the Agreement and various other terms and conditions and the like separately stipulated by the Company, and shall apply for the Service in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company. The Company, upon receiving the application, shall provide the Service to the Member whom the Company has approved.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding clause, the Member may not be able to receive the Service in cases separately stipulated by the Company, including without limitation, when an embassy, an ambassador or so forth is exempted from consumption tax for the usage fees and other related fees for FLETfS Hikari Next and Light, or when a special discount plan for schools (including School Type) is applied.

Article 3. Abolishment of Service

The Company may, in its sole discretion, abolish the Service. When the Service is to be abolished, the Company shall notify the Member in the prescribed manner no later than one month in advance.

Article 4. Cancellation

  1. In the event that a Member cancels the contract for the Service, the said Member shall notify the Company in the manner designated separately by the Company.
  2. Even in the event that the contract for the Service has been cancelled, the Company shall not refund any fees and expenses already received from the Member.

Article 5. Application for FLET's v6 Optional Service on behalf of Members

  1. A Member may need a service equivalent to the FLET'S v6 Optional Service before the Service is provided by the Company.
  2. An application for the FLET's v6 Optional Service may be made by the Company on behalf of a Member, as appropriate.

Article 6. Effectiveness of the Agreement

The Agreement shall become effective as of such time as the Company approves the Member to use the Service.

Article 7. Handling of Memberfs Information

The Member shall be deemed to have agreed that information relating to the Member will be communicated mutually between the Company and NTT East or NTT West, for the purpose of providing the Service.

Supplementary Provisions:

The Agreement shall be effective as of November 1, 2017.

* This is a translation of the original FLETfS Hikari Next/Light Course Agreement in Japanese. If there is any conflict between the original and the translation, the original shall prevail.