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Monthly Usage Charge
Home Course 780 yen /month → Opening month no charge
+ No charge for 11 months
Mansion Course 700 yen /month → Opening month no charge
+ No charge for 5 months

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In Your name (1) enter your name using letters of the alphabet. If you have a Japanese name that can be written in Japanese Kanji characters then enter those characters here instead of using letters of the alphabet. Ensure the length of both your surname and given names together, in both boxes comes to a total of 15 letters or less (including a space). If your name is longer than 15 letters, then putting a shorter nickname in place of your given name, or replacing it with just a first initial, are acceptable alternatives. Capitalize as you normally do when writing your name.

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In Your name (2) enter your full name, all in lower case. There is no length restriction in this field, so please enter your full name as you normally write it. If you entered your name in Japanese Kanji above, please enter it in Japanese katakana here.

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   Specify the type of building in which you will use the service.

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Post codes in Japan have 7 digits.

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Please select the prefecture.

If one of Tokyo's 23 wards, enter the ward name followed by "-ku".

If your address requires "care of" (c/o), be sure to include it. If you have an apartment number, please enter it.

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Asahi Net will send you an Information Package containing your Asahi Net User ID by postal mail. Please choose to have it sent to the same postal address as above, or sent to a different postal address. Please do not make a mistake when entering the postal address as doing so could delay the delivery of the package.

* The postal address you enter here will be registered with your membership registration information. Should you be planning to move to a different address, after moving please inform us of your new postal address details. Please enter the postal address to where we will send your Asahi Net information package.

Post codes in Japan have 7 digits.
Please select the prefecture.
If your address requires "care of" (c/o), be sure to include it. If you have an apartment number, please enter it.

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Please make sure your own contact phone number is entered here.

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Introducer's User ID
If a current Asahi Net member has introduced you to our service, please enter their Asahi Net User ID here.
That person may be eligible for Asahi Net's Introducer Rewards benefits.
Land line phone number


FLET'S Hikari line


Hikari Denwa

Hikari Denwa Plan Choice
Choose the Plan based on how many hours you expect to use the service.
Hikari Denwa A is recommended as it has many useful features.
Choose a Plan Basic monthly charge
Call charges included
in the basic monthly
charge *
1500 yen 480 yen
500 yen -
1400 yen 1280 yen
3900 yen 4800 yen

* Calls are possible to subscriber telephone lines, ISDN, Hikari Denwa and business IP Phone lines of NTT East and NTT West. In addition, the call charge included in the fixed monthly charge is calculated at 8.4 yen/3 minutes and excess charges are calculated at 7.56 yen/3 minutes.

The Hikari Denwa phone number

FLET'S Hikari Long-Term Discount Services

※If you have been using the FLET'S Discount Plan, you do not need to reapply for it.

  • Ninen-wari Ninen-wari discount
    For those in the NTT East area
    The FLET'S Hikari monthly
    charge discounted by 700 yen !
    (If Mansion Course the monthly
    discount will be 100 yen )
  • Hikari Hajime Wari Hikari Hajime Wari discount
    For those in the NTT West area
    Receive a discount on your
    FLETT'S Hikari monthly charge
    according to the number of
    years subscribed! Details

Optional Service Selection

Fixed IP Address

Asahi Net's Fixed IP Address option is ideal for those wanting to establish a VPN connection, use a Web-camera or enjoy on-line gaming. And it is offered for a low monthly charge!

About Fixed IP Address

Confirmation and Agreement to Asahi Net Membership Agreements  *

Please read the following agreements and other information and give consent by checking the checkbox below, then click the Proceed to Select Payment Method button.

About the handling of personal information

Asahi Net, Inc. handles our customers' personal information appropriately, as explained below. After confirming our policy, please give your consent.
Asahi Net Personal Information Protection Policy


Please confirm the policy and agreement below, and then give your consent.
Asahi Net Individual Member Service Agreement
Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S Agreement(Japanese)

Important information

Here is important information about your contract for this service.
An explanation of the important contract terms for this service.

How to Confirm/Receive Your Contract Information   *

After your contract has been concluded, you can confirm your contract information either on website or by a written document.
Please select how you would like to confirm/receive your contract information.

* To confirm your contract information on website, Asahi Net ID and password is required. They will be sent to you separately in a written document.



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