guide support : Asahi Net Wi-Fi Wi2

Before Making the Configuration

* The settings on this page are for connecting devices to the Asahi Net Wi-Fi Wi2 service.
* The network name (SSID) will be Wi2_club in this configuration guide.
* Should you wish to use the Wi2 Connect connection tool to make the connection instead of following the guide below, please click here to find out how to download it.

Asahi Net Wi-Fi Wi2 service areas

Service Area (SSID) SSID (Network Name) Encryption

Wi2 300
[Wi2] or Wi2 none
[Wi2]wpapsk or Wi2_club WPA/WPA2 PSK
wifi_square none

BB mobilepoint
mobilepoint WEP

  • A Network Key is required to connect to each service area (SSID).
  • Click here to confirm the Network Key, Wi2 Login ID and Wi2 password you need to make the connection.

Asahi Net Wi-Fi Wi2

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the page below for frequently asked questions about the Asahi Net Wi-Fi Wi2 service.