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TEPCO Hikari

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TEPCO Hikari  100Mbps Upstream and Downstream

The Hikari T-Series Service

As of 30th September 2011, the Hikari T-Series services have been closed. Should you be a member using Asahi Net's Hikari T-Series Home Course, please click the link below for information about how you may change to the au Hikari Home Courses. Alternatively, please consider applying for another of our services.

To Asahi Net Members Using the Hikari T-Series Home Service

This service offers fiber-optic Internet connection at download and upload speeds of up to 100Mbps (best effort) through the provision of fiber-optic cable to the user's home: in other words it is a Fiber To The Home (FTTH) service. The fiber-optic network for this service is provided by KDDI.

Using Hikari T-Series At Asahi Net

Click the Details button for details of charging, service content, etc.

Asahi Net
Monthly Charge
of PCs
Hikari T-Series Home Course

6,279 yen
(5,980 yen base)
Incl. media converter charge
Hikari T-Series Mansion Course

From 3,255 yen
(3,100 yen base)
Incl. media converter charge


  • These charges are for Asahi Net's M Plan on each Course. The M Plan offers always-on connection to KDDI's service. Click the Details button for more information.
  • The Number of PCs is the maximum number of PCs that can be connected at a time with this service, according to KDDI.

A Note About FTTH

FTTH stands for "Fiber To The Home" and is a high-speed Internet connection provided by a fiber-optic network directly to the user's home. We are using the term "FTTH" to cover all fiber-optic connection services offered by Asahi Net and our partners NTT East, NTT West and KDDI. These services also include Mansion-type fiber-optic services where the fiber-optic cable is supplied to the building the user lives in but may not extend directly into the user's home in that building; instead LAN cabling or telephone cabling inside the building may be used to supply the service into the user's home.

FTTH is a "best-effort" service, therefore factors including line conditions and Internet congestion will cause the speed to be lower: there is no guarantee for the actual speeds that will be achieved through use of these services.

Special Notes For English Speakers

A list of points that should be considered by English speakers and/or people using computers with English-only operating systems.

  • If you have an English Windows XP, Windows Vista or MacOSX computer, you are in luck because the software needed (PPPoE) is pre-installed. Visit our Configuration Guide to find the settings for Windows XP, Windows Vista and MacOSX PPPoE. Please do not install KDDI's Japanese software from their CD.
  • There is no English-language documentation provided by KDDI for this service. Visit our Configuration Guide page to find English-language information for how to connect to the service.
  • All communication with KDDI regarding your application for this service and during consultation with you about this service will be in Japanese.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the page below for frequently asked questions about the Hikari T-Series services.

>> FAQ - Hikari T-Series Home
>> FAQ - Hikari T-Series Mansion
>> Cancellation of the Hikari T-Series service

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