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Auto detection and removal of viruses

  • * All charges shown exclude tax.


This Virus Check service adds virus detection and virus extermination functionality to Asahi Net mailboxes. A high-level virus check is made on email, allowing for more secure email usage.

Service Content

When you apply for this service, virus detection and virus extermination functionality are added to your Asahi Net mailbox.

Incoming email

The check takes place at Asahi Net's mail server before email is downloaded to the member's computer, so there is no requirement for changes to be made to user's computer settings.

Should infected mail be detected, Asahi Net's mail server will remove the infected mail. In cases where full removal of the infected mail is not possible, Asahi Net's mail server will remove the infected attachment and allow for the uninfected message to be downloaded by the member.

Because the Virus Check service is applicable to a mailbox, not to an email address, any mail sent to any of the email addresses attached to a mailbox and received into the mailbox will therefore be checked.

Mail which is received into a non-Asahi Net mailbox or to an Asahi Net mailbox which has not been registered for this service will not be checked by this Virus Check service.

Outgoing email

Your outgoing Asahi Net email can be checked for viruses with this service. You can prevent becoming an accomplice in the sending of virus-infected email. To have outgoing mail checked for virus infection, the user must specify SMTP Authentication in the settings of their email program. When enabled, the user will be prompted for their Asahi Net User ID and password.

For more information, please see the following pages.
>> Configuration Guide: Email Software

Using The service

Individual members and Business Service members may apply for this service. The service is applicable to Asahi Net mailboxes. The service cannot be applied to non-Asahi Net mailboxes.

Individual members

  • The member can apply for this Virus Check service for any of the Asahi Net mailbox(es) they own.

Business Service members

  • The member can only apply to have the Virus Check service on all Asahi Net mailboxes present in the Busniess service account. The Virus Check service cannot be applied to specific mailboxes. When applying for a new mailbox, it will automatically be included in the Virus Check service.


Virus Check Service Monthly Usage Charge
200 yen per mailbox

* All charges shown above exclude tax.

  • Monthly usage charges will be applicable from the month in which the service is applied for.

Individual members

  • The number of default mailboxes (e.g. ab3c-defg) and additional mailboxes (e.g. m12345678) applied for will be summated. For example, if two mailboxes have the Virus Check service, a monthly fee of 400 yen ( 200 yen x 2) will be charged.
  • When cancelling the Virus Check service for a mailbox, the full monthly usage charge for the month in which the cancellation request is made will be applied, regardless of which day of the month the request is made.

Business Service members

  • The number of User IDs, Additional mailboxes and individual-named Business Service IDs are summated and applied to the above charging scheme. All mailboxes that exist at the end of the month, even if not used, are applicable to the service and will be incorporated for charging purposes.
  • When cancelling the Virus Check service, all mailboxes existing in the final month of service will be incorporated for charging purposes.

Volume Discount

The following volume discount applies only to Business Service members.

Number of mailboxes Unit price
1 to 15 200 yen
16 to 50 180 yen
51 to 100 160 yen
over 101 150 yen

Example: Member wanting the Virus Check service for 60 mailboxes.

Number of mailboxes Unit price
200 yen x 15 = 3000 yen
180 yen x 35 = 6300 yen
160 yen x 10 = 1600 yen
Total charge 10,900

* All charges shown above exclude tax.

Making An Application

>>Apply for the Virus Check service

Individual members : Asahi Net User ID and the password are required. If you wish to apply for an Additional Mailbox (e.g. m12345678), enter that Additional Mailbox ID and its password.
Business members : Administration ID (starts with an "A") and its password are required.

Important Notes

  • This service does not guarantee perfect detection / extermination of all virus infected email.
  • This service will detect and exterminate virus that have been designed to infect Windows and DOS operating systems, and detect and exterminate macroviruses designed to affect applications running in Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The service will not detect and exterminate viruses for the Macintosh system, other than macroviruses.
  • Asahi Net will bear no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by a user of the Virus Check service or third parties.
  • The Virus Check does not take place for mail sent from Asahi Net's Web Mail service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the page below for frequently asked questions about the Virus Check service.
>> FAQ - Virus Check Service