Pre-allocation of Fixed IP Address

By pre-allocating the IP address, it enables customers to configure devices before start connecting to Internet. (Notification will be sent by postal mail or fax). This service only allows static IPv4 address.

Pre-allocation of Fixed IP is applied for the following service courses.

Applicable Courses Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S (Home/Mansion) Course
FLET'S Hikari Next (Family/Mansion) Course
FLET'S Hikari Premium (Family/Mansion) Course*
FLET'S Hikari Light (Family) Course
FLET'S Hikari Light Plus (Family) Course
B FLET'S (Family/Mansion/Business/Basic) Course*

* After July 1st 2017, limited to B FLET’s Course in the NTT West area, we will terminate the Fixed IP options, our static IP service, and its pre-allocation service. However, for courses applied in the NTT East lines, we continue to provide Fix IP options as well as its pre-allocation as before.

Charges for Pre-allocation Service

Initial allocation work fee *1

2000 yen (excl. tax)

Above is the initial line-work charge billed via Asahi Net. On separate basis, we additionally charge Fixed IP Option service charge along with monthly charge. For business users, there will also be business registration fee.

*1 The allocation work fee is applied on the same month of when your request is made. Please note that this principle applies to even in the case where FLET'S line is not ready to use.

Important notes

* Pre-allocating address may vary by the network type of NTT IP network, classified by Japan's prefectural area. The IP network is developed separately by prefecture under jurisdiction of NTT East or West. The type may not consistent by the location of your residence.

* Under some circumstances, Asahi Net may change the once allocated address. In such cases, we will notify at least two weeks in advance.

* The allocated IP address is registered in the Asahi Net DNS server by the automatically generated host name under "" domain. Therefore DNS cannot be queried.

* We may stop connection of subjected IP address service without advance notice when any malicious acts such as sending spams, attacking or hijacking other devices, are confirmed on the assigned IP address.

* Filter setting is not supported in this service on IP level. Please install filtering on your device.

* We do not support server setups. Any troubles incurred form server settings are not within the scope of Asahi Net's responsibility.


Pre-allocation can be requested quite simply. Please have your Asahi Net ID and password ready and the process may take only one minute the fastest.

>> Form requesting Pre-allocation of Fixed IP Address service (Japanese-language)

Asahi Net has implemented Inbound Port 53 Blocking (IP53B).
Please refer to our Asahi Net IP53B Implementation page for details, including how to request IP53B removal.