Use ANSIM for cheaper smartphone charges. ANSIM is a SIM card service using NTT DOCOMO's network, and voice calls are possible. Both NTT DOCOMO and SIM free devices can be used. Reduce your smartphone charges with Asahi Net LTE (ANSIM)!

An Important Note For English Speakers

Although the ANSIM service is offered in English, the process of verifying the personal identification document that applicants for the ANSIM Voice SIM service are required to submit is currently only available in Japanese. Therefore, you may have problems with that part of the application process should you not understand Japanese, which may delay your application and ultimately the delivery of the ANSIM product.

Your understanding is appreciated.

The difference is clear to see!
Lower smartphone charges if you switch!

Switch to ANSIM
and keep using
the same phone number!

1/3 the cost just by switching! And you keep using the Internet, use apps and make calls as before! 1/3 the cost just by switching! And you keep using the Internet, use apps and make calls as before!

  • 6,500 yen/month
    A per-smartphone charge typically billed by a mobile phone company
  • 2,200 yen/month* 1
    3 Giga Plan
Over a 2 year period a total saving of 103,200 yen is possible!
  • If the ANSIM 3 Giga Plan (1,600 yen/month) + 600 yen's worth of calls.

Reduce your smartphone charges further!
It's easy!

docomo smartphone? Just change the SIM card.

  • NTT DOCOMO smartphone
    Remove the SIM card from the smartphone you currently use and insert the ANSIM card. You keep using the same smartphone and same phone number!
    Just insert the ANSIM card!
  • au/Softbank smartphone
    Please switch to ANSIM and keep using the same phone number!
    Please insert ANSIM into your SIM free device to start using the service.
    Use the ANSIM-enabled smartphone as soon as it arrives

  • If a docomo smartphone, after switching SIM card you will need to make some simple settings.

Check here before switching from docomo

docomo and ANSIM - The Differences

ANSIM is cheaper, what you do is the same

The same call quality, phone number, network quality and the same apps!

  • Enjoyable Internet
    Enjoyable Internet
    With docomo you'll find connection easy and be able to enjoy the Internet at speeds up to 262.5 Mbps.
  • Same phone number, same quality
    Same Phone Number, Same Quality
    Switch your major mobile phone company's telephone number to ANSIM and keep using the same phone number. The call quality is the same.
  • Apps can also be used!
    Apps can also be used!
    Use Twitter, Facebook and other SNS apps as well as most other apps as before.

ANSIM is different

ANSIM is different to major mobile phone companies.

  • Apply easily online in English
    Complete your application online or by phone, in English
    It's possible to apply easily online. And we've got a full support system in place should you need it.
  • Simple Plans
    Simple Plans
    We only offer basic plans. You only pay for the calls you make.
  • Use the email address of your choice
    Use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other email services for your email address.

Are you interested in knowing more?

The same quality, area and funtionality
yet at much lower cost!
Your choice of smartphone!
And a short minimum usage period! These are the ANSIM merits!

  Mobile Phone Company ANSIM
Monthly Charge From 6,500 yen From 1,600 yen
Call Charge Same!20 yen/30 seconds *1
Free Calls Yes No
Only pay for what you use. No waste.
Phone Number Same!080, 090 number
Number portability (MNP) is possible
Call Quality
& Area
Same!Connect everywhere in Japan
Same call and Internet quality, same functionality!
Same! Maximum Communication Speed*2 *3
  • LTE:
    Download 262.5Mbps/Upload 50Mbps
  • 3G :
    Download 14Mbps/Upload 5.7Mbps
Email Address address, etc. Create your own email address.
You can't continue using a address but can create your own using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Asahi Net's email service.
Text Messages Same!Yes
Apps Same!Yes
LINE, Facebook, Twitter, other apps. *4
Smartphone provided by the mobile phone company
  • Customer's SIM free smartphone
  • Customer's NTT DOCOMO smartphone
  • ANSIM smartphone
Minimum Usage Period 2 years
Auto-renewal every 2 years. Cancellation fee billed if cancellation not made in determined period.
1 year
After 1 year has passed, cancellation is possible at any time without a cancellation fee.
  • All charges shown above exclude tax.
  • You will be unable to continue receiving any discounts provided by the mobile phone company, be unable to use the Osaifu-Keitai service, be unable to use au Smart Pass, and be unable to use services and functions that were only provided by the mobile phone company to you.
  • Major mobile phone companies offer fixed-charge voice services. ANSIM is pay-as-you-go.
  • With NTT DOCOMO, if the amount of data used in a month exceeds the data capacity stipulated in the contract, the maximum upload/download speed will be 128kbps until the month end.
  • With ANSIM, if the amount of data used in a month exceeds the data capacity stipulated in the contract, the maximum upload/download speed will be 200kbps until the month end. With the 110MB/day Plan, if the amount of data used reaches 110MB in a day, the speed will be 200Kbps for the rest of the day.
  • Searching by ID and name with the LINE app will not be possible.

ANSIM is a reliable and long-term service

You use your smartphone every day, so choose a reliable company for the long-term.

  • Customer Satisfaction No. 1
    Customer Satisfaction No. 1
    Asahi Net was ranked No. 1 overall in Oricon’s 2015 CS Report (Internet Provider Sector - Kanto Area). Click for past awards.
  • Communication Professional
    Communication Professional
    We are professionals in the communication business - making and support connection since the dawn of the Internet and now part of the Internet infrastructure in Japan.
  • Listed on the TSE
    We are listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We can be relied upon to provide you with a reliable service you can use for the long term.

Choose the smartphone you'll use with ANSIM

ANSIM is compatible with many SIM free devices.

iPhone SE compatible
Devices OK'd for ANSIM

Two simple ANSIM plans

  • Voice SIM 3 Giga Plan 1,600yen/month
    1 SIM card If unsure which Plan to apply for, apply for this one! If your phone is often in standby mode, and you use SNS and view Web sites, this Plan is for you.
  • Voice SIM 7 Giga Plan 2,680yen/month
    1 SIM card If in addition to phone, SNS and Web site viewing you also enjoy games and streaming video, this Plan is for you.
  • All charges shown above exclude tax.
  • A 110MB/day Plan is also available for 1,600 yen/month.
Apply now and the opening month is not charged!

Simple signup will only take a minute!

Asahi Net English Support
Lines open
10am to 5pm, weekdays (excluding holidays)
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    Your Asahi Net User ID and password are required.

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Make your inquiry in English
Lines open 10am to 5pm, weekdays (excluding holidays).


Please read the precautions listed below. Thank you.

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