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Neo-Discount Mobile

In brief

Closure of the Neo-Discount Mobile Course

The company providing the lines for the Neo-Discount Mobile service, SoftBank Corp. has decided to close those lines and as a result Asahi Net's Neo-Discount Mobile service will close on January 31, 2018. We sincerely appreciate those customers who have used the service until now and would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the closure of the service.

Preceding the closure of the Neo-Discount Mobile service at the end of January 2018, SoftBank Corp. has announced that it will close its 1.7GHz band 3G service in Tokyo Metro stations and in between stations.

We would like to ask customers using the Neo-Discount Mobile service to consider switching to another Asahi Net mobile broadband connection service, such as the Asahi Net WiMAX 2+ service or Asahi Net LTE (ANSIM) service. We look forward to continuing to be of service to you.

This is a mobile connection service offering download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and the rental of a data communications device.

Maximum download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and maximum upload speeds of up to 384Kbps are possible. It is a "best-effort" service, therefore factors such as location and signal strength may cause the speed to lower: there is no guarantee for the actual speeds that will be achieved through use of this service.

Rental Data Communication Device

For more about the rental of the data communication devices please visit our Data Communication Devices page.

Service Area

To find out which areas the Neo-Discount Mobile service can be used, please visit the Accessible Service Areas page.

Neo-Discount Mobile service

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Asahi Net
Monthly charges


Neo-Discount Mobile


Fixed Plan:
from 4491 yen
Two-tier Plan:
from 1342 yen
(best effort)
(best effort)

Special notes for English speakers

A list of points that should be considered by English speakers and/or people using computers with English-only operating systems.

  • There is no English-language documentation provided with the rental communication devices supplied with this service. For more about the devices, visit our Data Communication Devices page. For more about the configuration of the devices, visit our Configuration Guide page.
  • The rental data communication devices (PC card type and USB type) will only function on a Japanese-language operating system. If your computer does not run on a Japanese-language operating system please do not apply for this service.

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