A 5,000 yen cashback payment per introduction. A 6,000 yen cashback payment for 2nd or more introductions!

Tell your friend now!

It's okay to let the friend know what your Asahi Net User ID is.

  • If you have forgotten your Asahi Net User ID...

If your friend is using a provider with a high monthly provider charge, tell them about Asahi Net!

Applicable Courses For Introduce A Friend Campaign

All the above charges exclude tax.

The Steps

  • Applicant (friend)
  • Apply for an Asahi Net Course on-line or by phone.
  • At that time, supply the Introducer's Asahi Net User ID so that they can benefit from this Introduce A Friend Campaign.

How the Introducer gets the cashback payment

  • STEP1

    Tell your friend about Asahi Net

    Please tell your friend about Asahi Net's service.

  • STEP2

    Your friend uses Asahi Net
    for at least 4 months

    Asahi Net confirms the applicant has used Asahi Net for at least four months, including the month the Course opens.

  • STEP3

    Email arrives asking for
    bank account information

    On about the 15th day of the 5th month following the opening of the Course, Asahi Net will send you an email about the cash back process.

  • STEP4

    Bank account registration

    Click the URL in the email and supply your bank account information for the cash back payment.

  • STEP5

    The cashback payment will
    be made after 1 working day

    On completion of the process you will be sent a confirmation email.
    * The payment will be made on the same day or on the next working day.

Information about how to get the cash back payment can be found by clicking the link below.
Click here for details of how to get the cash back payment


Campaign Conditions

  • The Applicant must sign up for Individual Membership on one of the applicable Courses.
  • The Applicant uses the Course applied for, for a minimum 12 months including the month the Course is opened.
  • The Applicant has not benefitted previously from Asahi Net's Introduce A Friend Campaign.
  • The Introducer must be an Individual Asahi Net member.
  • The Introducer and the Applicant are not the same person.
  • During the minimum 4 months (including opening month) the Applicant uses Asahi Net, the Introducer must continue to use Asahi Net.
  • Should the Applicant cancel Asahi Net on or before the 5th day of the 5th month of the opening of the opening of their Asahi Net Internet connection service, the Introducer will not be eligible for Introduce A Friend Campaign benefits.


  • If you are using any other services with additional costs, normal charge applies even for the first or starting month.

Tell your friend

It's okay to let the friend know what your Asahi Net User ID is.

  • If you have forgotten your Asahi Net User ID...

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