Display of Charges on Website

Since 1st April 2004, Asahi Net has displayed its charges with consumption tax included, as stipulated by the Consumption Tax Act. However, from 1st February 2014, Asahi Net will display its charges with consumption tax excluded (only the base charge displayed). This format for display of charges will continue until 30th September 2018 and in order of precedence the display of charges will be changed back to show the consumption tax-included charge.

Examples of consumption tax-included display

Base charge of 700 yen 756 yen
756 yen (700 yen base)
756 yen (tax included)
700 yen (756 yen with tax included)
Base charge of 450 yen 486 yen
486 yen (450 yen base)
486 yen (tax included)
450 yen (486 yen with tax included)

* When the price including tax comes out as a fraction less than 1 yen, the price will be rounded, and to be said to include tax. There is no change to the way charges are billed to our customers, as the tax is already included in the total price.

Examples of consumption tax-excluded display

Base charge of 500 yen 500 yen

* The above charge does not include tax.

Base charge of 700 yen 700 yen (excluding tax)
Base charge of 450 yen 450 yen (excluding tax)

* In order to prevent our customers mistakenly thinking a charge is tax-included when it is actually tax-excluded, we will add "yen (excluding tax)" or display guidance like "All charges exclude tax" close to where the charge is displayed.

* At the time of calculating charges to be billed, when the total of tax-included charges results in a value with a fraction of less than 1 yen, that fraction will be removed before billing takes place.