Asahi Net LTE Agreement

Asahi Net, Inc.

Section 1: General provisions

1. This agreement applies to the Asahi Net LTE service (hereafter called "the Service") that Asahi Net, Inc. (hereafter called "the Company") offers to the company's members (hereafter called "the Member").

2. Various other agreements and items that the Company has provided and the Member has agreed to shall apply, should there be items not otherwise specified for the Service in this agreement.

3. It is possible for items in this agreement to be added or removed, without prior notification to the Member. In this case, the revision date will be added to the agreement.

Section 2: The service

The Service is a connection service provided at the request of the Member to the Member (both Individual and Business members). It is an Internet connection service offered in partnership with NTT DOCOMO (hereafter called "NTT DOCOMO, INC").

Section 3: Application and approval

1. The usage agreement for the Service will come into effect at a time approved by the Company (hereafter called "date of approval") after the Member has accepted this agreement and has in methods designated by the Company made an application for the Service.

2. The month in which the Member has accepted this agreement is the starting month for this agreement and the month from which usage charges will be billed.

Section 4: Charges and payment methods

1. From the contract opening month, regardless of whether the Service is used or not, fixed monthly charges will be billed.

2. At the time of applying for the Service or making a change of Plan for the Service, a 3,150 yen registration charge will be billed.

3. The members who use the Service will pay charges determined by the Company to the Company.

4. It is possible for the Service charges to change with prior notification.

Section 5: Data communication SIM card and other devices

1. Connection to the Service requires the use of LTE-compatible data communication SIM card or communications equipment that has received technical standards conformity approval based on the Telecommunications Business Act or technical standards conformity certification based on the Radio Law.

2. Should the LTE-compatible equipment the Member uses be determined to be incompatible with the standards and regulations prescribed in the preceding paragraph, it is possible for the Service to be suspended.

Section 6: Service area

1. The service area for the Service is an area determined and stated separately.

2. Even in the service area stated in the preceding paragraph, there may be places to which it is difficult for the signal to reach (including but not limited to interiors, tunnels, underground, inside buildings, the higher floors of buildings, the shadow of buildings, in mountainous areas, at sea) and there is the possibility the Service cannot be used (including the lowering of communication speeds); in this regard the Company shall make no guarantee under any circumstances.

Section 7: Cancellation

1. If the Member cancels the Service, they will notify the Company in one of the methods determined by the Company and stated elsewhere.

2. If cancelling, charges already paid to the Company will not be be possible.

3. Should cancellation of the Service take place at a time other than that predetermined, a cancellation charge will be incurred.

Section 8: Abolishment of the service

For certain reasons the Company may need to abolish the Service. If the Service is to be abolished, subscribers will be notified one month in advance.

Section 9: Handling of member's information

The company shall, with the purpose of undertaking operations required to provide the Service, and only to the extent necessary to offer the service, provide to or set aside for subcontractors the member's information.

Section 10: The enforcement of this agreement

This agreement shall come into effect from the time the Member agrees to use the Service.


This agreement is applicable from 4th March 2013.

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