Asahi Net Individual Home Page Service Agreement

Asahi Net, Inc.

Criteria for commercial activities on Individual Member's homepages

1. Full responsibility for commercial activities on the Individual Member's homepage is restricted to the Individual member.

2. To clearly identify the person responsible for commercial activities on the Individual member's homepage, the creator's Asahi Net email address (ending in the domain names of or must be clearly visible on the homepage.

[1 April 2000]

Asahi Net Individual Home Page Service Agreement - revised 1 April 2000

Section 1: Who may use the Service

Asahi Net's Individual Home Page Service (hereafter called "the Service") is an optional service available only to Individual members and Family members.

Section 2: Individual Home Page Service

1. The Company provides home page space to Individual members and their Family members.

2. The Company provides home page space which can be used at no additional cost by Asahi Net Individual and Family members, and also home page space which is subject to an additional charge. The details of these services and their prices are specified elsewhere.

3. Home page production and management is described in a separate document.

Section 3: Members' responsibility

The Individual member or Family member shall take full responsibility for the publication of his or her Individual Home Page, including responsibility for the settlement of any dispute that may arise from its publication. The member shall bear full responsibility for any loss or disadvantage that The Company may experience due to the content of a member's Home Page.

Section 4: Individual Home Page content

The following cannot be published on an Individual Home Page:

(1) Anything for which the Individual or Family Member will not bear responsibility.

(2) Anything for which responsibility is not clear.

(3) Anything which breaches the law or has the potential for breaching the law.

(4) Anything which brings, or can be expected to bring, disadvantage upon another member, a third party, or the Company; content which is false, inaccurate or ambiguous with the intention to mislead, deceive, or to encourage misunderstanding.

(5) Anything anti-social in nature and that which violates commonly accepted moral standards.

(6) Anything that is fraudulent or which may be considered as being in contravention of commercial law.

(7) Anything which damages trust or obstructs business operation.

(8) Any content which the Company deems inappropriate.

Section 5: Removal of Individual Home Pages

1. Should the Company judge an Individual Home Page to be in violation of this agreement, it may, at its own discretion and without prior notification, delete all or part of the Individual Home Page in question.

2. In case the content of an Individual Home Page has not been changed or updated for a period of six months, the Company may interpret this fact as a loss of intention to continue publication on the part of the publishing member, and may delete the Home Page in question.

3. Should the Company delete a member's Individual Home Page it is under no obligation to reveal its reason for doing so.

Section 6: Discontinuance of the Service

For any of a variety of economic, technical, or other reasons, the Company may permanently discontinue the Service. In this eventuality, the Company shall notify members at least one month in advance.

Section 7: Effectiveness of this agreement

This agreement goes into effect simultaneously with the start of Asahi Net Individual Membership Service.

[1 April 2000]

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