Asahi Net Electronic Forum Operation Agreement

Asahi Net, Inc.

Section 1 : Electronic Forum

The Asahi Net Electronic Forum (hereafter called "Electronic Forum") is a service offered by Asahi Net, Inc. (hereafter called "the Company") so that members may use Electronic Forums and Electronic bulletin boards for the purpose of exchange of information.

Section 2 : Participation in an Electronic Forum

Posting messages to an Electronic Forum or reading posted messages in a forum is known as "participation." Participation is only available to Asahi Net Individual Members and Family Members. However, at the discretion of The Company, chosen Business Service members may be admitted to certain Electronic Forums.

Section 3 : Rules for disclosure of names on the Electronic Forum

1. In order for participants in an Electronic Forum to post and exchange information in an environment of trust and responsibility, as a rule the full name and User ID of each participant will be made visible.

2. The Company and participants in an Electronic Forum will not disclose the full names and User IDs that appear in an Electronic Forum.

3. At the discretion of The Company, anonymous participation in an Electronic Forum may be possible.

Section 4 : Rule for prohibition of profit-motivated activitie

Participants in an Electronic Forum will not be allowed to undertake profit-motivated activities in the Electronic Forum without the consent of The Company.

Section 5 : Effectiveness of this agreement

This agreement shall become effective each time an Asahi Net member participates in an Electronic Forum.

[1st January 2001]