Asahi Net Family Member Service Agreement

Asahi Net, Inc.

Section 1: Asahi Net Family Membership service

1. Asahi Net's Family Membership Service (hereafter called "Family Membership Service") is an optional service in which a family member identification code (hereafter called "Family ID") is issued to a family member of an Asahi Net Individual member. The Family ID is independent of said Individual member's ID (hereafter called "Individual ID") and permits use of Asahi Net's Individual Membership Service, including all the usual functions and privileges thereof.

2. The Company reserves the right to make changes or additions at any time to the Family Membership Service.

Section 2: Family Membership

1. A family member of an Asahi Net Individual member, on whose behalf the latter has consented to this agreement and applied for the Family Membership Service using one of the Company's prescribed methods, shall, if approved by the Company, be recognized as an Asahi Net Family member (hereafter called "Family member").

2. The Company reserves the right to refuse membership in cases in which it judges there to be obstacles to the acceptance of an application.

3. The Company will issue a Family ID and password to the Family member.

4. The Individual member promises the Company that he or she will take responsibility to ensure that the Family member observes the terms of the Asahi Net Individual Member Service Agreement and of this agreement.

Section 3: User ID and password management

1. Both the Individual member and the Family member bear full responsibility for the proper maintenance of the Family ID and its password.

2. It is not possible to transfer a Family membership (i.e. Family ID and password) to another person.

3. The Company will bear no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the incorrect or inappropriate use, or use by a third party, of the Family ID and its password.

4. Should the Family ID or its password be forgotten, or the password stolen, the Family member or Individual member shall contact the Company without delay.

Section 4: Payment of fees

1. The Individual member will pay all of the Family member's fees as determined by the Company, including fees for any optional services used by the Family member, together with his or her own Individual Membership Service fees.

2. Fees may change at any time, with prior notification.

Section 5: Loss of Family Membership

Should the Individual member's membership be cancelled, or terminated for whatever reason, the Family member's membership will thereby also be terminated automatically at the same time. Any fees already paid will not be refunded.

Section 6: Membership cancellation

1. Family members are required to notify the Company of intent to cancel during the calendar month prior to the final month of membership, using one of the methods of notification specified by the Company. Cancellation becomes effective after the final day of the final month of membership.

2. When a membership is terminated, fees, etc. paid up until that time will not be refunded.

Section 7: Effectiveness of this agreement

This agreement shall become effective as of such time as a Family ID and password are issued by the Company to the Family member.

[1 September 1999]

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